A revolution within the Revolution

A revolution within the Revolution
The 60-year path of emancipation Cuban women has taken bears the imprint of Vilma, the militant fighter, the dreamer of the future, who led the struggle along an ever ascending course: that of a Revolution with a vocation for justice, with noble leaders like Fidel and Raúl who always understood the importance of women being protagonists. Beginning today is the 10th Congress of the Federation of Cuban Women

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Photo: Liborio Noval
Dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the initiation of Cuba’s independence struggle; the 60th of the Cuban Revolution; Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro Ruz; Vilma Espín; and all young Cuban women, beginning today is the 10th Congress of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC), with 360 delegates and 40 guests on hand.
Scheduled today are four commission meetings, to be held in different institutions around the city, in which the role of the organization and its mobilizing role will be analyzed in the context of the updating of Cuba’s economic model; gender equality in the family and society; youth as a guarantee of the FMC’s continuity; and the organization’s internal functioning.
The venues for this first day of the Congress are the Ministry of Agriculture; the Revolutionary Martyrs of Tarara National Police Academy; the University of Havana Event Center; the Center for Engineering and Biotechnology; and the Party’s Ñico López School.
March 7-8, plenary sessions will take place in Havana’s International Convention Center.
Among activities that took place prior to the Congress included the inauguration of social works, photographic exhibitions dedicated to women, political-cultural galas, and the granting of awards to outstanding workers.