Antonio Guerrero

Originally posted by National Committee to Free the Cuban Five

“… My beloved brothers and I must be unjustly kept in prison, but there we shall not cease from defending the cause and the principles we have embraced.”

Antonio Guerrero Rodríguez was born in the city of Miami on October 16, 1958. His parents were both from Cuba and immediately after the initiation of the Cuban Revolution in 1959, they returned to Cuba. In 1983 Guerrero graduated as airfield construction engineer in Kiev, Ukraine. The expansion of the Santiago de Cuba International Airport was the most important work in which he was involved. Guerrero is a poet and has penned a considerable number of poems, a selection of which has been published in English and Spanish under the title “Desde Mi Altura” (From My Altitude). Guerrero has become an accomplished artist and his art and poetry can be viewed on this website. He has two sons, 20-year-old Antonio, and 15-year-old Gabriel. He was sentenced to life imprisonment plus 10 years, and is in U.S.P. Florence, Colorado.

Defending the Cuban Revolution