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President Obama and anti-Cuban Terrorist, The Truth Commission on Terrorism








President Obama accepts 2 million dollars from Posada Carriles and Gloria Estefan.


Ladies in White demonstration March 18, 2010 front  terrorist organizations April 15, 2010 Posada Carriles and Gloria Estefan at demonstration of Ladies in White, a political front for, Cuban-American National Foundation, and other terrorist organization

Mr. Posada remains a prime suspect in the bombing of a Cuban commercial airliner that killed 73 people in 1976. He has admitted to plotting attacks that damaged tourist spots in Havana and killed an Italian visitor there in 1997. He was convicted in Panama in a 2000 bomb plot against Mr. Castro. Ten years later, with Posada in U.S. government custody, investigations into these criminal attacks are confined to the modest efforts of a grand jury that is supposedly meeting in Newark, New Jersey.
The government of Venezuela wants to extradite and retry him for the Cuban airline bombing and has good reasons. Mr. Posada was involved “up to his eyeballs” in planning the attack, said Carter Cornick, a retired counterterrorism specialist for the Federal Bureau of Investigation who investigated Mr. Posada’s role in that case. A newly declassified 1976 F.B.I. document
Mr. Posada, in 2005 sneaked back into Florida in an effort to seek political asylum for having served as a cold war soldier on the payroll of the Central Intelligence Agency in the 1960’s.


President Obama and Gloria Estefan strategize on how best to protect terrorist and frame anti-terrorist agents.    They also review the campaign to promote: the political and terrorist campaign against Cuba

By flaunting extradition treaties, the U.S. has chosen to treat Posada Carriles’ case as a minor immigration offense, charging him only with illegal entry into the country, them dismised all charges.

The men, now known as the Cuban Five, two have completed full sentence, collected evidence of the terrorists’ plots, which was then presented to the FBI. On June 17, 1998, a historic meeting was held in Havana. There, Cuban officials implored U.S. law enforcement officials to act on evidence presented, in order to end the cycle of terror. Instead of arresting the terrorists, the FBI rounded up the Cuban Five, the very people who were warning about the terrorist plans. Fernando González, René González, Antonio Guerrero, Gerardo Hernández, and Ramón Labañino were arrested, and placed in solitary confinement for 17 months. The Cuban Five were sentenced to four life terms and 75 years collectively

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Who governs who, does the United States govern Israel, or Israel the United States?



Yesterday I received a visit from the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, who made a trip abroad related to the defense of his country’s important oil interests.

During his stop in Cuba, he took the opportunity to make contact with me and greet me personally, as he had promised, on August 13 of this year, when I had the privilege of reaching 88 years of age.
f0016544 That day he presented me with some fruits, among them, some small pearl like ones, which I had never even seen before and taste excellent. He also presented me with a sports uniform, a gift from the Venezuelan athletes seeking to win laurels for their country.

I was extraordinarily happy that he made the visit so soon, not only for the honor which his presence and quick action imply, when he is involved in the difficult task of carrying out the epic struggle of Hugo Chavez, as well as the exceptional actions he is carrying out.

Our world is experiencing in an extraordinary and unique moment, every day the number of people who are conscious of this is greater. Among such events, one of the most dramatic is the genocide being carried out in the Gaza Strip, where 1.8 million human beings live trapped between the desert, the sea and the military power of a Middle Eastern country, where the most powerful empire which has ever existed has created – over more than half a century, and at a cost, according to some estimates, of almost 100 billion dollars – a sophisticated and at the same time irresponsible, military nuclear power.

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“Fidel is Fidel,” Feliz Cumpleaños Happy Birthday From Evo Morales and Nicolas Maduro

“Fidel is Fidel”                                             DIARIO TRABAJADORES (CUBA)

thHAVANA – Celebrations started here on Tuesday to mark the birthday of retired Cuban leader Fidel Castro, who turns 88 on Wednesday.

The commemorations, which include two days of cultural, athletic and civic events, began at 6 pm local time (2200 GMT) with the opening of an audiovisual exhibit of photographs of the iconic leader who led the 1959 Cuban Revolution.

The exhibit, titled “Fidel is Fidel,” features documentary photographs taken by renowned cameraman Roberto Chile, who has served as Castro’s personal photographer for 25 years.

Taken between 2005 and 2012, the images depicting the “tireless” former leader will be on show until Sept. 13, along with a Bronze sculpture of Castro inspired by one of his most emblematic photographic portraits.

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More than 4,950 kidney transplants in Cuba, 436 from living donors

Since 1970 to date, 4,950 kidney transplants have been performed in Cuba, 436 of which have been from living donors, the national press recently reported.







First kidney transplant from a living donor in Santiago de Cuba.
Photo: Eduardo Palomas.
The procedure with living donors is carried out in of the country’s provinces of Havana; Villa Clara; Holguín; and Santiago de Cuba, where the first operation in this province was performed August 8 at Dr. Juan Bruno Zayas Surgical Hospital, where Yusnay Vázquez Ruiz received a kidney transplant donated by her mother Olga Ruiz Sané.
33 year old Yusnay who, like her mother, lives in the municipality of Contramaestre, was suffering from advanced chronic kidney failure which required her to undergo hemodialysis sessions every other day; resulting in Olga’s decision to give Yusnay her life back, by donating one of her own kidneys.
The delicate procedure – which consists firstly of an operation
to extract the kidney from the donor, followed by a surgical procedure to evaluate the organ’s condition, and a final operation to transplant the kidney into the receiving patient – carried out in less than four hours without major complications.
Julio César Serra, transplants director for the south-eastern region told Granma that other similar transplants are currently being prepared in Santiago de Cuba.

Casa de Las Américas: We are all Palestinian


aug 9 2014Casa de Las Américas is outraged by the Israeli genocide on Gaza. We hold the illegal Zionist gang that calls it state responsible.  This could not happen without the full support of the Obama Administration, providing the funds and weapons used to kill and maim civilians indiscriminately, the majority women and children, as well as the continued destruction of schools/shelters, hospitals, power plants – and even mosques.

Aug. 9 2014We demand that Israel end the massacre and siege on Gaza, and all forms of economic controls, and the use of humiliating checkpoints throughout the occupied territories

Casa de Las Américas unconditionally supports Gaza’s struggle for self-determination.

   The ExecutiveCommittee

Fidel Castro Ruz August 4, 2014 “I think that a new, repugnant form of fascism is emerging”









Palestinian Holocaust in Gaza
• I again request that Granma not use the front page for these relatively brief lines about the genocide of Palestinians being committed

Fidel Castro Ruz

I am writing them rapidly, to state only that which requires deep reflection.

I think that a new, repugnant form of fascism is emerging with notable strength, at this time in human history when more that seven billion inhabitants are struggling for their survival.


None of these circumstances have anything to do with the creation of the Roman Empire, around 2,400 years ago, or with the U.S. empire which, in this region only 200 years ago, was described by Simón Bolívar who exclaimed, “…the United States appears to be destined by providence to plague America with misery in the name of liberty.”

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Evil Obama and Imperialism, “Cuban Twitter” The program to stir political dissent in Cuba

5 Findings About USAID Travelers’ Program in Cuba
Aug 4, 2014, 6:06 PM ET
By The Associated Press
Associated Press

In April, The Associated Press revealed that the U.S. Agency for International Development had overseen the creation of a secret “Cuban Twitter” program to stir political dissent on the island and bypass Cuba’s stranglehold on the Internet. But that program was part of a larger operation.

A new story by the AP reveals the agency secretly dispatched young Latin Americans to Cuba using health and civic programs to provoke political change. The operation began just as American contractor Alan Gross was sent to jail in December 2009 while working for another USAID-sponsored project.

Here are five things to know:

1.”THE PERFECT EXCUSE”: The young spies from Costa Rica created an HIV-prevention workshop that they called “the perfect excuse” to recruit political activists, a ruse that could undermine USAID’s credibility in critical health work around the world.

2.THEIR EFFORTS WERE FRAUGHT WITH INCOMPETENCE AND RISK. Cuban authorities questioned who was bankrolling the travelers, and there was no safety net for the young Latin Americans, who were doing work that was explicitly illegal in Cuba.

3.VENEZUELANS AND PERUVIANS WERE DEPLOYED TO CUBA’S COLLEGE CAMPUSES. The objective was to recruit university students with the long-term goal of turning them against their government. Potential recruits were listed by name, and then profiled, their leadership qualities assessed in a spreadsheet.

4.WHETHER ANY OF THE POLITICAL OBJECTIVES WERE EVER REALIZED IS UNCLEAR. In fact, their Cuban contacts in recent interviews with the AP said they were astonished to discover that their foreign friends were acting on behalf of the U.S. government.

5.THE CONTRACTOR, CREATIVE ASSOCIATES INTERNATIONAL, CHANGED ITS STRATEGY. In September 2010, Creative Associates shifted from sending outsiders into Cuba to develop dissidents among college students to getting exit visas for the new Cuban leaders and training them off the island. Other beneficiaries in Cuba would receive cash payments to run the recruitment efforts.

The incredible “Haavara Agreement” between Nazis and Zionists

thecounterpunch»Education and Science

The Haavara Agreement – see transcript of Circular 54/1933 of the Reich Ministry of Finance, August 28, 1933 below – was an official contract between the Third Reich authority and Zionist Authority benefiting the interests of both parties. Haavara was intended to promote both the emigration of German Jews and the export of German products to Palestine.

In 1935 the steamer “Tel Aviv” made its maiden voyage from Nazi Germany to Haifa with Hebrew letters on its bow and a Nazi flag fluttering from its mast. The Captain of the Zionist-owned ship was a member of the Nazi Party. A passenger described the spectacle as a “metaphysical absurdity.”
As a result of the Agreement, German exports arrived in Palestine at bargain prices with the help of Jewish capital and Jewish commerical assistance. It boosted the Nazi economy at a time when Jews worldwide were boycotting German goods. Goods worth a total of 139.5 million Reichsmark were transferred by 1939. The Agreement also made it possible to settle a large number of German Jews in Palestine. The outbreak of war in September 1939 ended the transfer practice.
Circular 54/1933 of the Reich Ministry of Finance, August 28, 1933

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Latin America comes out in force against Israel the gutter state








Montevideo (AFP) – Latin America’s leaders are among the most vehement in condemning Israel’s Gaza offensive — labelling the Jewish state “terrorist”, recalling ambassadors, and offering near-unanimous, unwavering support to Palestinians.

“I can’t remember another similar situation where (all the countries in the region) have reacted practically as a bloc,” said political scientist Reginaldo Nasser, a professor at the Pontifical University in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

One of the most symbolic recent developments came from Bolivian President Evo Morales — one of the leaders of Latin America’s far left — who put Israel on its list of “Terrorist States” and eliminated a visa waiver program for Israeli citizens.

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Sat., Aug. 2, 1PM at the White House
End the Siege of Gaza,
End All U.S. Aid to Israel!






Dear Friends, The Palestinian people of Gaza have been resisting in the face of the merciless U.S.-backed Israeli assault.

What Gaza needs more than anything is an end to the eight-year long blockade and siege.

The siege is a crime against humanity that prevents the people of Gaza from working, going to school, traveling and building their society. It is a grotesque and vicious form of collective punishment deliberately intended to cause the greatest suffering.

More than 250 children have been slaughtered in the recent Israeli massacre. Nearly 1500 people have been killed and over 7000 have been wounded.

Saturday, August 2 at the White House in Washington DC we hope you will join with justice-minded people from across the country to join in the largest demonstration yet to say:

Stop the Massacre!
End the Siege of Gaza NOW!
End All U.S. Aid to Israel!
If you can’t join the demonstration you can still show your support by making an urgently-needed donation today.

End the siege! Free Palestine!


Brian Becker,
National Coordinator, ANSWER Coalition