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Cuba celebrates National Rebellion Day, July 26

Minute to minute: Cuba celebrates National Rebellion Day
The act is presided by Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba. Follow our updates on this national celebration here and on our Facebook page







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july 26, 2018 06:07:59

6:38 a.m. The central act to mark July 26 concludes in Santiago de Cuba







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5:46 a.m. Army General Raúl Castro offers the central remarks

As I noted last December, today I will offer the central remarks of this act, the Army General began.

None of those who had the privilege of participating in these actions under the command of Fidel, could imagine that we would still be here today, in a free country. We celebrate this 65th anniversary in Santiago de Cuba not only due to its history, but also in recognition of the work undertaken here to benefit the people, under the leadership of Lázaro Expósito Cantro, Party First Secretary in the Province, alongside Beatriz Jhonson Urrutia, a vice president of the Council of State of the Republic of Cuba and president of the government in the territory.

Likewise, work is ongoing to meet the demands of the population, making the most of our own resources, which further contributes to the budget. The enthusiasm of the people of Santiago is palpable. However, much remains to be done to ensure that Santiago de Cuba is more beautiful, clean, and disciplined every day, worthy of guarding the remains of the National Hero, the Father and the Mother of the Homeland, and the historic leader of the Revolution.

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