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U.S.-backed coups in Latin America and the Caribbean

From Monroe to Trump
The current U.S. President again threatens military action against Venezuela and continues sanctioning governments and companies with ties to the Bolivarian Republic and Cuba

Author: Elson Concepción Pérez |
march 2, 2020 10:03:58











U.S.-backed coups in Latin America and the Caribbean over the last 70 years. Photo: RT

More than 200 years have passed since James Monroe became the fifth president of the United States. Unlike Donald Trump, he had been a soldier, lawyer, senator, governor and even Secretary of State. Trump, the country’s 45th President, a multimillionaire inexperienced in politics, has done nothing more than repeat what was said and done by the inventor of the “America for Americans” doctrine.

What is common in what happened in 1823 and what is happening today is that Monroe’s philosophy is being dusted off by Trump, to making a reality of the notion that the nations of Latin America are Washington’s backyard. Continue reading