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The Supposed Policy Change: Will Trump Go Farther Than Obama?

The Supposed Policy Change: Will Trump Go Farther Than Obama?














By Esteban Morales
From Cuba Inside Out
Translated by Robert Sandels
It doesn’t take much effort to realize that the “Trump Effect” is just that; an irrational attempt to change Obama’s Cuba policy.
We don’t even know if Trump is really working to change the Obama policy because what little we know does not tend in that direction.
Comparing the attitude of both presidents we note the following: Obama did not do much to make investment easier. Now Trump puts investment in the “prohibited” file in negotiating with the Cuban military. He hasn’t advanced trade, but neither did Obama. the American banking system does not allow the dollar to circulate there. And finally, Obama has not freed up the dollar either, which was one of his deceptions. With Thump, everything indicates that the dollar will not officially circulate in Cuba either.
Trump has not broken diplomatic relations with Cuba, which is the most important thing since the embassies are continuing to function. It also appears that he has not eliminated family remittances or the 12 migratory categories that Obama set up, although Trump has eliminated the “People to People” visa program. Nor has Trump eliminated commercial flights or cruise ships. All this suggests that Cuban tourism, which has been growing year after year, will go on as before.
So, really, what has Donald Trump eliminated? I think we would have known after hearing about the presidential directive Trump signed in great theatrical style, but no one read or heard anything about Cuba among the pronouncements in his speech.










So, I think, as we say in Cuba, “I smell a rat.”

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