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Cuba reaffirms its commitment to Venezuela







Declaration by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba

Author: Cubaminrex |
april 27, 2017 21:04:27

We have once again witnessed another infamous and immoral decision by the discredited OAS, against the Bolivarian Revolution; a repetition of the shameful pages written against the Cuban Revolution in the 1960s.

The calling of a Meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs, to continue harassing the Venezuelan government, constitutes another action consistent with the OAS’ traditional role as an instrument of imperialist domination in the hemisphere; in order to undermine the sovereignty, independence and dignity of Our America.

The OAS has always remained with its back to the peoples of America, over an almost 70 year history of subordination to oligarchic and imperialist interests. It has been absent when our region has been the victim of political, economic and military intervention and aggression, or serious democracy and human rights violations.

It is now time to recognize that the OAS is incompatible with the most pressing needs of the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean. It is incapable of representing their values ​​and interests. It imposed a doctrine of false democracy, responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Latin Americans and Caribbeans and the impoverishment and exclusion of millions. The OAS chooses to attack and impose, rather than reconcile or dialogue; and disregards the right of states to equality and self-determination. It conspires and subverts genuine and legitimately constituted governments with proven popular support, and deserves the most profound repudiation.

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Venezuela continues to support recovery efforts
Cuba received a shipment of materials and equipment s ent by the Venezuelan government to help with reconstruction of the River Toa bridge
Author: Germán Veloz Placencia |
february 24, 2017 09:02:23







Venezuelan aid to help with recovery efforts following Hurricane Matthew, arrives to the port of Moa. Photo: Juan Pablo Carreras Vidal Photo: Juan Pablo Carreras

Moa, Holguín.– A shipment of materials and equipment sent by the Venezuelan government to help with reconstruction of the River Toa
bridge, in the municipality of Baracoa, Guantánamo province, arrived at this city’s port yesterday, February 23.
This first or four shipments was transported by the Bolivarian Navy’s AB Esequibo Tango 62 vessel; with Capitan Henry Javier Gamarra in command. The journey took six days from the port of La Guaira in the Venezuelan state of Vargas, to Moa’s Raúl Díaz-Argüelles docks.
On arrival the Venezuelan official noted that 444 tons of humanitarian aid, including metal rods, piping, and vehicles, among other resources, was being delivered on the orders of Commander in Chief of the Bolivarian Armed Forces, President Nicolás Maduro.
This shipment, he stated, come with great revolutionary sentiment, contributing to the consolidation of relations between two sister nations, as envisioned by Hugo Chávez and Fidel Castro, two men who, with their struggles for freedom, continue to impact world history.
Luis Rodríguez, a deputy to the Cuban Parliament and President of the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power in Baracoa, thanked the Venezuelan government, Navy, and people for the gesture, and emphasized the importance of rebuilding the bridge over the River Toa for the economic and social development of the area.
Also participating in the welcome ceremony was Roberto Acosta Delgado, a member of the Party Provincial Committee in Holguín and first secretary of the organization in Moa, in addition to other political leaders and figures from the region.