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During the Summit, Cuban President Presidents Raúl Castro Ruz, reiterated the unwavering support for the Bolivarian Revolution

Raúl: The joint defense of Venezuela is the strategic and urgent task of support was expressed for the Bolivarian RevolutionALBA
The Cuban President attended the 15th ALBA-TCP Summit, where tribute was paid to Hugo Chávez and support was expressed for the Bolivarian Revolution

Author: Leticia Martínez Hernández |
march 6, 2018 09:03:50









During the Summit, the Cuban President reiterated the unwavering support for the Bolivarian Revolution and the civic-military union of its people, led by President Nicolás Maduro. Photo: Estudio Revolución
CARACAS.–As a tribute to the memory of the Comandante of the Bolivarian Revolution Hugo Chávez Frías, precisely five years after his passing, the 15th Summit of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America – Peoples’ Trade Agreement (ALBA-TCP) was held in the Venezuelan capital’s Miraflores Palace.

The moving first public activity of the gathering brought together heads of state and delegations on a terrace of the Venezuelan government headquarters to witness together the ceremony held daily, at 4:25 p.m. – the time at which Chávez passed away – to honor the Latin American leader with the firing of a cannon salute from the Cuartel de la Montaña.

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Cuba Recovered and Open for Business by MANUEL E. YEPE

SEPTEMBER 19, 2017
Cuba Recovered and Open for Business








USA Today reported on Sept. 17 that the US government was providing humanitarian aid to numerous Caribbean islands devastated by Hurricane Irma. Cuba, located just 90 miles off the coast of Florida – was not among them.
When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005, Cuba was the first nation to offer aid. The island prepared thousands of volunteers and huge amounts of emergency equipment and supplies to assist the victims in the affected regions with all the expenses incurred by Cuba.
Even on that occasion, Havana organized a permanent aid brigade to send to to countries affected by natural disasters that was named after a US citizen, Henry Reeve (1850-1876), who fought in an outstanding way in the Cuban independence ranks against Spanish colonialism, and who rose to the rank of Brigadier General.
The US government of George W. Bush rejected the magnanimous Cuban aid offer, in spite of the enormous humanitarian catastrophe that was unfolding in Louisiana at the time.

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Far from peaceful Venezuelan opposition groups

Far from peaceful Venezuelan opposition groups
In recent weeks, the actions of extremists linked to the self-styled MUD have been marked by vandalism
Author: Prensa Latina(PL) |
july 3, 2017 09:07:06







Evidence shared on social media indicates that there are no peaceful opposition demonstrations taking place. Photo: TELESUR
Caracas.- Recent months have shown that demonstrations by opposition groups in Venezuela are far from peaceful, despite their organizers claiming the opposite.
In recent weeks, the actions unleashed by extremists linked to the self-styled Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD), have been marked by vandalism, as seen on Friday, June 23, when they burned vehicles near an air base located in Miranda state.
Three articulated trucks for transporting food, and a Bolivarian National Police (PNB) vehicle were set on fire in the vicinity of the Generalísimo Francisco de Miranda air base, known as La Carlota.
These violent groups have maintained a siege on this military installation for several days, and according to testimony broadcast by the Zurda Konducta program on Venezolana de Televisión, two drivers of these vehicles confirmed that the instigators wielded firearms.

Emiliano Pulido, one of the drivers, explained, “They grabbed my son and me and stopped us with pistols in hand. I was kidnapped by three hooded people; I was brought down from the truck by a blow and at gunpoint. They had 9mm pistols, and if I’m not mistaken, they had rifles.”

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Cuba condemns terrorist attacks in Caracas

Cuba condemns terrorist attacks in Caracas
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba issued a statement regarding recent events in the Venezuelan capital
Author: MINREX |
june 29, 2017 10:06:03









The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba strongly condemns the terrorist attacks in Caracas against the Supreme Court of Justice and the Ministry of Popular Power for Internal Affairs, Justice and Peace.
It is unjustifiable that certain governments and political figures, instead of expressing resolute and direct opposition to these terrorist and coup-mongering acts, present them as a supposed police rebellion, and manipulate them to incite the rupture of the civic-military union, and to attack the dignified decision of President Nicolás Manduro Moros to prevent chaos and call for the legitimate defense of constitutional order.
It is not surprising that the Organization of American States (OAS) and its secretary general have become, through their silence, accomplices of what happened and what may happen.
Cuba resolutely rejects the use of terrorism and foreign interference in Venezuela, while reiterating its firmest solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution and its leaders. Nothing and no one will prevent the brave people of Bolívar and Chávez from fighting with determination to defend their ideas and achievements, and restore the peace that others have broken.
Havana, June 28, 2017

Cuba reaffirms its commitment to Venezuela







Declaration by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba

Author: Cubaminrex |
april 27, 2017 21:04:27

We have once again witnessed another infamous and immoral decision by the discredited OAS, against the Bolivarian Revolution; a repetition of the shameful pages written against the Cuban Revolution in the 1960s.

The calling of a Meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs, to continue harassing the Venezuelan government, constitutes another action consistent with the OAS’ traditional role as an instrument of imperialist domination in the hemisphere; in order to undermine the sovereignty, independence and dignity of Our America.

The OAS has always remained with its back to the peoples of America, over an almost 70 year history of subordination to oligarchic and imperialist interests. It has been absent when our region has been the victim of political, economic and military intervention and aggression, or serious democracy and human rights violations.

It is now time to recognize that the OAS is incompatible with the most pressing needs of the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean. It is incapable of representing their values ​​and interests. It imposed a doctrine of false democracy, responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Latin Americans and Caribbeans and the impoverishment and exclusion of millions. The OAS chooses to attack and impose, rather than reconcile or dialogue; and disregards the right of states to equality and self-determination. It conspires and subverts genuine and legitimately constituted governments with proven popular support, and deserves the most profound repudiation.

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Venezuela continues to support recovery efforts
Cuba received a shipment of materials and equipment s ent by the Venezuelan government to help with reconstruction of the River Toa bridge
Author: Germán Veloz Placencia |
february 24, 2017 09:02:23







Venezuelan aid to help with recovery efforts following Hurricane Matthew, arrives to the port of Moa. Photo: Juan Pablo Carreras Vidal Photo: Juan Pablo Carreras

Moa, Holguín.– A shipment of materials and equipment sent by the Venezuelan government to help with reconstruction of the River Toa
bridge, in the municipality of Baracoa, Guantánamo province, arrived at this city’s port yesterday, February 23.
This first or four shipments was transported by the Bolivarian Navy’s AB Esequibo Tango 62 vessel; with Capitan Henry Javier Gamarra in command. The journey took six days from the port of La Guaira in the Venezuelan state of Vargas, to Moa’s Raúl Díaz-Argüelles docks.
On arrival the Venezuelan official noted that 444 tons of humanitarian aid, including metal rods, piping, and vehicles, among other resources, was being delivered on the orders of Commander in Chief of the Bolivarian Armed Forces, President Nicolás Maduro.
This shipment, he stated, come with great revolutionary sentiment, contributing to the consolidation of relations between two sister nations, as envisioned by Hugo Chávez and Fidel Castro, two men who, with their struggles for freedom, continue to impact world history.
Luis Rodríguez, a deputy to the Cuban Parliament and President of the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power in Baracoa, thanked the Venezuelan government, Navy, and people for the gesture, and emphasized the importance of rebuilding the bridge over the River Toa for the economic and social development of the area.
Also participating in the welcome ceremony was Roberto Acosta Delgado, a member of the Party Provincial Committee in Holguín and first secretary of the organization in Moa, in addition to other political leaders and figures from the region.