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A unique drug developed in Cuba is being tested in New York state.

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Why an American went to Cuba for cancer care







20 April 2017-
•Cuba has faced more than 50 years of US sanctions. Now, for the first time, a unique drug developed on the communist island is being tested in New York state. But some American cancer patients are already taking it – by defying the embargo and flying to Havana for treatment.
Judy Ingels and her family are in Cuba for just six days. They have time to go sightseeing and try out the local cuisine. Judy, a keen photographer, enjoys capturing the colonial architecture of Old Havana.
And while she is in the country, Ingels, 74, will have her first injections of Cimavax, a drug shown in Cuban trials to extend the lives of lung cancer patients by months, and sometimes years.
By travelling to Havana from her home in California, she is breaking the law.
The US embargo against Cuba has been in place for more than five decades, and though relations thawed under President Obama, seeking medical treatment in Cuba is still not allowed for US citizens.
“I’m not worried,” Ingels says. “For the first time I have real hope.”
She has stage four lung cancer and was diagnosed in December 2015. “My oncologist in the United States says I’m his best patient, but I have this deadly disease.”

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Cutting edge pharmaceutical production and scientific research in Cuba

Cutting edge pharmaceutical production and scientific research in Cuba
To supervise clinical evaluations required to register patents, and distribute pharmaceuticals and biotechnology produced in Cuba, the National Clinical Trials Coordinating Center was established in 1991, and has been involved in more than 150 such projects over the years
Author: Nuria Barbosa León |
Author: Joaquín Rivery Tur |
february 14, 2017 17:02:21

Director Carlos Manuel García noted that the National Clinical Trials Coordinating Center has expert staff in all provinces.







The Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Center.

Photo: Orfilio Pelaez

Browsing the web reveals an extraordinary number of sites citing the strength of Cuba’s pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, along with the number of countries purchasing Cuban products for their populations. Yet the corporate media makes little mention of this accomplishment.
Among the country’s most important, latest-generation medications is Heberprot P, used by more than 225,000 patients in many countries to treat diabetic foot ulcers and avoid a large percentage of amputations. It is currently administered via nano-capsules, making the drug’s anti-microbial impact very effective.

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