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No evidence exists on alleged sonic attacks

No clear scientific evidence exists on alleged sonic attacks against U.S. diplomats in Cuba
A new study from the University of Pennsylvania was published July 23, in JAMA magazine, reporting confusing and contradictory results of studies conducted of alleged victims

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august 5, 2019 15:08:38







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On July 23, a new study was published, from the University of Pennsylvania, in JAMA magazine, in which images of the brains of U.S. diplomatic personnel who reported health problems in Havana are compared with those of a control group. The study concludes that there are differences between the brain images of diplomats and those of control subjects. This piece is the continuation of an article that describes the clinical condition of these diplomats in the same journal, in its March, 2018, edition.

The article does not allow clear scientific conclusions to be drawn. The medical results are confusing and contradictory, of special concern given the numerous questions already raised by the international scientific community, which have not been satisfactorily answered.

The article does not prove that the diplomats suffered brain damage during their stay in Cuba, contrary to speculation and what was raised in the previous article.

In the opinion of Cuban experts, the only way to clarify the health status of those affected is through transparent scientific discussion and the exchange of open, unbiased information.

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