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The new U.S. financial counter-revolution

The best response is to communicate the Revolution
The new U.S. financed counter-revolution hopes to manipulate sensitive issues and create the conditions for a social confrontation, for conflict and destabilization of the country

Author: Karima Oliva Bello |
october 30, 2020 14:10:31

Photo: La Demajagua.
Checking out the World Bank’s website, the first thing we will find is a slogan announcing that the institution’s fundamental mission is fighting poverty. Nonetheless, the World Bank has been one of the principal international financial institutions, along with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), responsible for the implementation of neoliberal policies that have aggravated poverty in a large part of the world. Although the World Bank knows this better than anyone, they will never say so.

Instead, it funds rigorous research to describe how the poor live, the causes of their poverty, and what must be done to eradicate these. The World Bank obviously does not need to investigate these issues; it knows full well that in the regions where it has helped impose neoliberalism, poverty is extremely harsh, with no guarantees or protection of any kind. It also knows that poverty would be eliminated with structural changes, moving in the opposite direction of the policies it promotes, that is, the creation of decent jobs with labor rights and guarantees for the exploited, plus free access to make a reality of the universal, inalienable right to health and education, for example.

But such changes will not be promoted by the World Bank. So why does it address poverty? In order to manage the social discontent that poverty generates, to prevent it from leading to political action against the neoliberal status quo. The bank helps to produce poverty and manages the ways in which it should be perceived and confronted, neutralizing any analysis or social action that implies class struggle and criticism of capitalism.

This method is not exclusive to the World Bank. For a long time, the U.S. capitalist elite has been developing, in the territories it wishes to dominate politically and economically, ways of interfering in internal affairs with a markedly interventionist character, making use of governmental and non-governmental organizations, which, like the banks, operate under a façade, in this case, that of defending democracy, human rights and civil liberties.

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