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The Italian artists sings praises for Henry Reeve Contingent brigades

Laura Pausini thanks Cuban doctors for their efforts
The Italian artists sings praises for Henry Reeve Contingent brigades fighting COVID-19 in her country and around the world

Ricardo Alonso Venereojuly 10, 2020 13:07:12

Laura Pausini in Havana, during her 2018 concert.

Photo: Ariel Cecilio Lemus
On June 26, 2018, the popular Italian singer Laura Pausini professed her love for Cuba, shouting: “Cuba, I love you,” to the crowd attending the concert she offered along with Gente de Zona in Havana’s Ciudad Deportiva. Today she is again showing her affection, conveying to an admirer on the island, via telephone, her gratitude “to so many Cuban doctors who traveled to Italy to help us.”

Pausini’s gesture makes our people happy, at a time when enemies of the Cuban Revolution are attempting to discredit the humanitarian work of the Henry Reeve Contingent’s doctors, specialized in disaster situations and serious epidemics, who have been proposed by various world institutions and numerous intellectuals and artists around the world, as candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize, given the role they have played on more than 35 brigades in the fight against COVID-19.

These cooperative missions, which the imperialists accuse of trafficking in persons in their slander campaign, have treated over 162,000 patients during the pandemic and saved over 5,000 lives, in more than 30 countries. They joined the 58 medical brigades already working in other nations before the health emergency, in which some 600 collaborators are treating confirmed cases of COVID-19, as well.

Beyond the statistics on the altruistic work of Cuban doctors, there have been many, many expressions of gratitude that reach Cuba from across the planet, applauding the dedication of these professionals, and their very human approach that has won them a place in the hearts of those who have known them.

These heroes in white coats were praised by Pausini, who was severely criticized herself, two years ago, for performing in Cuba at the concert mentioned above, attended by President Miguel Díaz-Canel.

With her recent praise making the news, it will be no different this time; but the Italian singer-songwriter reaffirms her sentiments, and offers thanks from the bottom of her heart, as do the planet’s generous forces.


Laura Pausini in Havana, during her 2018 concert. Photo:Ariel Cecilio Lemus