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Is the coronavirus a U.S. bacteriological weapon ?

Walter Lippmann Feb 8 #177

Coronavirus, Another Act of Biological Terrorism?
“Isn’t it highly suspicious that the coronavirus has appeared in China and that Washington has introduced it to weaken what many already consider the world’s leading economic power over the hitherto evil empire led by Trump?”

Author: Orfilio Peláez | orfilio@…
February 7, 2020 23:02:34

Translated and edited by Walter Lippmann for CubaNews.

Coronavirus…Biological Terrorism?

China faces the coronavirus responsibly and with its people., In the image the first hospital to care for the sick, built in just ten days, and the second hospital is already delivered for the same purpose.









An article published in his personal blog by Spanish journalist Patricio Montesinos deals with the theory that the coronavirus could be a germ created in U.S. laboratories, as a bacteriological weapon of the commercial war unleashed by Washington against China.

According to the text reproduced in Rebelión, several recent statements by senior White House officials and an increasingly intense international media campaign against China, feed the hypothesis that the administration of President Donald Trump could be responsible for the epidemic that appeared in late December 2019, in the city of Wuhan.

Montesinos alludes to the January 31 statement by Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, who said, “The coronavirus outbreak that has infected thousands of people could boost the U.S. economy. But the senior official went further, saying that it “will help speed the return of jobs to America.

Ross’s statements followed those of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who in the midst of the world’s emergency for the disease identified China as a threat to international democratic principles. Continue reading