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U.S. citizens want to visit Cuba

U.S. citizens want to visit Cuba, despite the tourism ban and travel restrictions imposed by their government
Cuba continues to be the only country in the world where U.S. citizens can not freely travel as tourists, thanks to their government’s discriminatory policy

Yisel Martínez Garcíamay 8, 2019 17:05:07

The arrival of cruise ship visitors to Cuba continues to grow, up 48% this year.








Photo: Juvenal Balán

The U.S. tourist sector remains committed to Cuba as a holiday destination, even as the U.S. government is tightening the blockade against the island. This was stated at a press conference by Michel Bernal Quicutis, commercial director at the Cuban Ministry of Tourism (Mintur), who assured that “We will not give up on reaching the planned 5,100,000 visitors for this 2019.”

As he explained, U.S. citizens continue to occupy second place among visitor source markets to Cuba, behind Canada, with a total of 257,500 visitors in the first four months of the year, representing growth of 93.5%. Of them, 55% arrive to the country aboard cruise ships, a modality that continues to grow, up 48% this year.

“Despite smear campaigns against Cuba, 13.5% of tourists who visit us claim to have chosen the island for its safety, both personal and epidemiological; also because it is a country where there is no organized crime, drug cartels, kidnappings do not occur, and one can enjoy the destination at any time,” Bernal added. Continue reading