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ALBA-TCP rejects illegal U.S. sanctions against Venezuela

ALBA-TCP rejects illegal U.S. sanctions against Venezuela
The ALBA-TCP final declaration was presented by the organization’s Secretary General David Choquehuanca
Author: International news staff |
august 9, 2017 10:08:39









Photo: Venezuelan Foreign Ministry Twitter
Caracas.- Speaking during the Sixth Extraordinary Meeting of the ALBA-TCP Political Council, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro Moros reaffirmed that together member states “will fight for the defense of the unity of the peoples of the Greater Homeland.”
He thanked the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) for calling the extraordinary meeting and urged participants to consolidate progress made in large-scale integration projects being undertaken by the multilateral organization, “in keeping with the principles we embrace; complimentarity, cooperation, and profound solidarity.”
He also noted the people can only achieve their ultimate goals through unity and in this regard, called on ALBA to establish mechanisms of dialogue to contribute to preserving the organization’s founding principles.
The Venezuelan leader also highlighted the importance of cultural and diplomatic cooperation directed toward building a strong and collective economic foundation.

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The massive turnout for the July 30 vote offers several lessons

Ten keys to the Constituent Assembly in Venezuela
The massive turnout for the July 30 vote offers several lessons regarding the complex scenario facing the country and the evolution of events

Author: Sergio Alejandro Gómez |
august 4, 2017 14:08:41






Nicolás Maduro went for broke. “Come rain or shine, there will be a National Constituent Assembly,” the Venezuelan President stated. And so it was.

July 30, 2017, marked a historic date, not only for the Bolivarian Revolution, which came to power less than two decades ago, but for a nation that has been struggling for its independence and self-determination for over 200 years.

The vote that day offered us several lessons to understand the complex scenario facing the country, and the possible evolution of events:

1. Venezuela has a Constituent Assembly. Despite the boycott declared by the right wing and the international maneuvers against it, the support of more than eight million Venezuelans at the polls endows the constitutional mechanism activated by the Bolivarian government with legitimacy. The opposition’s bid was to prevent the Constituent Assembly by all means and it failed. They now run the risk of being left out of the Assembly that will shape the future of the country, although few doubt that some kind of dialogue is essential to resume the road to peace Continue reading

The people of Caracas reaffirm support for Constituent Assembly


The people of Caracas reaffirm support for Constituent Assembly
Venezuela is attacked because it has oil, gold, water, and gas… but also because it has a dignified people, said ANC deputy Diosdado Cabello speaking to a massive demonstration of support for the Constituent Assembly August 7

Author: AVN |
august 8, 2017 15:08:24






Photo: AVN
CARACAS.— Diverse political and social movements, and organized popular power bodies, marched on August 7 from Caracas’ Plaza Morelos to the Federal Legislative Palace, to reaffirm their support for the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), installed on August 4.

Speaking before the crowds of men and women who mobilized in a demonstration of support for President Nicolás Maduro and the Assembly, ANC deputy Diosdado Cabello affirmed that since the very emergence of the Bolivarian Revolution in 1999, Venezuela has become the target of imperialist attacks and of governments responding to the interests of those powers.

Cabello explained that the excessive onslaught of the U.S. and its supporters in the region, together with the actions of the domestic right wing, are an attempt to return to the past and rob Venezuelans of their dignity, in order to seize the country’s wealth.

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President Nicolás Maduro reports arrests, including 92 Colombian paramilitaries camped 500 meters from Miraflores Presidential Palace

Chavista mobilization peacefully answers opposition offensive
Venezuelan Chavista mobilization peacefully answers opposition offensive
Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro reports arrests, including 92 Colombian paramilitaries camped 500 meters from Miraflores Presidential Palace
Author: Dilbert Reyes Rodríguez | |
september 2, 2016 10:09:46

Photo: AVN
CARACAS.—With an impressive mobilization in the streets of this capital city, the revolutionary people of Venezuela confirmed their support to the Bolivarian government and rejection of violence, frustrating a coup offensive announced for September 1 by the opposition leadership.
“Peace has triumphed once again. They threatened to assault Caracas and the people of Caracas came out onto the streets by the thousands,” President Nicolás Maduro said, as he addressed the Chavista crowd that filled Bolívar Avenue and other principal streets.
The President reported that the coup attempt was turning out to be a fiasco, as several plans for violence by paramilitaries around the country were dismantled, while recognizing the sensibility and adherence to constitutional law shown by those participating in the opposition march of 30,000 held in the capital.
“We have been capturing mercenaries in the northern zone of Caracas, among them an encampment of 92 Colombian paramilitaries deployed 500 meters from Miraflores, and important right wing leaders with plans to place bombs, with weapons, with millions of real and counterfeit dollars, prepared to attack their own people,” he detailed.

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Fidels message to President Nicolas Maduro, December 11, 2015









Dear Nicolás:

I share the unanimous opinion of those who have congratulated you for your brilliant, valiant speech on the night of December 6, as soon as the election’s outcome was announced
In world history, the highest level of political glory which a revolutionary can reach, is that of the illustrious Venezuelan combatant, Liberator of America, Simón Bolívar, whose name now belongs not only to this sister country, but to all peoples of Latin America.
Another Venezuelan official of honorable legacy, Hugo Chávez, understood and admired him and struggled for his ideas until the last moment of his life. As a boy, attending elementary school in the country where the poor children of Bolívar were obliged to work to help support their families, he developed the spirit in which the Liberator of America was forged.
The millions of children and youth who today attend the largest and most modern system of public schools in the world
are Venezuelan. More can be said about the country’s network of medical care centers and the attention paid to the health of its people, brave but poor as a result of centuries of plunder by Spanish colonialism, and later by huge transnationals, which for more than 100 years extracted from its entrails the best of the immense oil reserves nature bestowed on this country.
History also bears witness that workers exist, and make possible the enjoyment of nutritious food, medicine, education, security, housing and the world’s solidarity. You could ask the oligarchy, if you like: Do you know all of this?
Cuban revolutionaries – just a few miles from the United States, which always dreamed of taking possession of Cuba to make it a hybrid casino-brothel, as a way of life for the children of José Martí – will never renounce their full independence or respect for their dignity.
I am sure that human life on Earth can only be preserved with peace among all peoples of the Earth, and acknowledgement of the right to make the planet’s natural resources common property, as well as the sciences and technologies created by human beings to benefit all of its inhabitants. If humanity continues along the path of exploitation and the plunder of its resources by transnationals and imperialist banks, the representatives of states meeting in Paris, will draw the relevant conclusions.
Security does not exist today for anyone. There are nine states which possess nuclear weapons. One of them, the United States, dropped two bombs which killed hundreds of thousands of people in just three days, and caused physical and psychological harm to millions of defenseless people.
The People’s Republic of China and Russia know the world’s problems much better than the United States, because they were obliged to endure the terrible wars imposed on them by fascism’s blind egoism. I do not doubt that, given their historical traditions and their own revolutionary experience, they will make the greatest effort to avoid a war and contribute to the peaceful development of Venezuela, Latin America, Asia and Africa.

The Bolivarian Revolution will see future victories

The Bolivarian Revolution will see future victories
President Nicolás Maduro recognized the results of the legislative elections held this Sunday, noting that the constitution and democracy had triumphe
Author: Dilbert Reyes Rodríguez | |
december 7, 2015 10:12:10







CARACAS.—We come with our morals, our ethics, to recognize these adverse results. We accept them, the constitution and democracy have triumphed, Nicolás Maduro Moros, President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, stated this Sunday night, having received the results of the parliamentary elections, announced by the President of the National Electoral Council (CNE), Tibisay Lucena.

Speaking from the Ayacucho Hall, the President noted that there were future victories set to come for the Bolivarian Revolution.
The opposition coalition, the Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD), won 99 of the 167 parliamentary seats being contested this Sunday, December 6, with the results from seven states of the country yet to be announced. Opposition forces now hold a majority of seats in the National Assembly set to govern Venezuela for the next five years.
The elections, which saw the participation of 74.25% of registered voters, saw the Chavista alliance, the Great Patriotic Pole, secure 46 seats in the legislative body.
Maduro noted the heroic efforts undertaken across the country given the context of an economic war. He emphasized that “our recognition of the results was always guaranteed and we always knew we were swimming against the tide, we did not shy away and here we are facing up to it.”
The President also stressed that the Bolivarian Revolution has always acted honestly.
”We lost a battle, but the struggle for socialism and a new society begins now,” he said.
Sunday was highlighted by the peaceful climate within which voting took place throughout the country, including the 23 municipalities on the border with Colombia, currently under a state of exception.
The new National Assembly will begin governing in January 2016 and according to statements by President Nicolás Maduro, the strengthening of a productive economy and the continuity of policies of social benefit will be prioritized as points for dialogue between the executive and the newly elected legislature.

Chavez is Gone, but Chavismo is Here to Stay


Chavez is Gone, but Chavismo is Here to Stay By: Federico Fuente


President Chávez, the founder of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV)

Published 3 August 2015

Despite all the opposition’s attempts to overthrow Chavez, this political force is rooted in Venezuela’s poor majority, mobilized within the state and on the street to defend the Bolivarian revolution and advance its revolutionary aims.
Had Hugo Chavez not passed away in 2013, the former Venezuelan president would have turned 61 on July 28. However, even though Chavez is gone, his indelible imprint on Venezuela’s political landscape endures.

On December 6 Venezuelans will go to the polls for the 20th time since Chavez was first elected president in 1998. The December election for the National Assembly is shaping up to be another critical battle between forces that for 15 years either supported or opposed Chavez.

For the Chavista forces, victory is vital to defending and deepening their “Bolivarian revolution”.

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