Compañera Marta Garcia’s passing this morning

It is with much regret and pain in our hearts that we share the news of compañera Marta Garcia’s passing this morning. Marta was battling cancer of the bladder for some time. Simultaneously, she suffered the loss of her beloved husband Nelson Landrieu who died just seven months ago. The Puerto Rican diaspora, and Latino community in general, has lost a great patriot and fighter. Marta contributed wholeheartedly in defense of the Cuban Revolution, the freedom of the Cuban Five and the campaign to lift the Cuban blockade by way of her contacts in the mainstream media. She loved Cuba and Cuba loved her. Her constant and latest project focused on the LaTea Theater and on the development of the theater arts. Her latest battle was to save the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center from the hands of opportunists who want to change the original vision of it as a Puerto Rican institution to an Anglo-Saxon one. She was a core member of the NY Chapter of the National Media Coalition, which focused on finding employment for our people in the major media companies.
For this work and so much more, we are forever grateful to her. May the positive forces of the universe accompany her family and close friends at this moment of sadness. Fly high, dear friend! ❤️