Defending Venezuela we defend our América, said Raul Castro

thBOLIVIA, June 16, 2014. Cuban president Raul Castro called for the building of the Greater Homeland and the defense of Latin American and Caribbean Unity. Speaking at the Pluri-national and Social Integration Meeting of the Peoples, a gathering included on the agenda of the Summit of the Group of 77 plus China, Raul Castro said Venezuela deserves the full support of the region in the face of current aggressions.

Imperialism and oligarchies that were not able to defeat President Hugo Chavez think that this is the opportunity to topple the Bolivarian Revolution with non-conventional war methods, said the Cuban leader.

Defending Venezuela we defend Bolivia and our Americas, said Raul Castro, who added that it would be a very hard blow if the current process of true integration is now stopped, after its highest peak has been the setting up of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, he stressed.

The Cuban head of state also referred to the important achievements of the government led by Evo Morales, who is the host of the extraordinary summit of the Group of 77 plus China, the largest group at the UN organization, which now turns fifty years old.

After mentioning several goals reached by the Bolivian government in favor of the people in the economic and social fields, Raul recalled that Che Guevara would have turned 86 years old today and he repeated Che’s phrase Onwards to Victory Forever.

The forum was attended by Ecuador’s Rafael Correa, Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon among other heads of delegation and a large number of Bolivians from all walks of life who packed at the Tahuichi Aguilera stadium in the city of Santa Cruz.


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 Defending Venezuela we defend  our América, said Raul Castro