IN IMAGES: 60 years since Fidel entered Havana triumphant January 8, 1959

IN IMAGES: 60 years since Fidel entered Havana triumphant
January 8, 1959, after a journey of more than a thousand kilometers taken by the Rebel Army across the island following the triumph of the Revolution, the Caravan of Liberty, led by Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro, entered the Cuban capital

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Columbia military base, now the Ciudad Escolar Libertad, Havana, January 8, 1959. Photo: Archive
Every year, Cuban youth and outstanding figures reenact the journey across the island of the Caravan of Liberty, led by Fidel from January 2 to 8 of 1959, culminating in a gala event at the former Columbia Military Base, now the Ciudad Escolar Libertad educational complex.

The caravan members participate in official events in each province along the route traveled by the triumphant Rebel Army, visit historical sites, combatants and relatives of the Revolution’s martyrs, among other activities.

Below, we offer iconic images of the 1959 Caravan.


Today, 60 years after the Caravan of Liberty, Granma offers some examples of the achievements of the Cuban Revolution in key sectors:


In preschool, primary, special and secondary education, the continuity of studies is guaranteed to 1,606,500 students.

Higher Education guarantees the enrollment of 155,000 students, cost-free.


Cubans enjoyed more than 9 million artistic and cultural activities across the island in 2018.

The state budget supports the operation of nearly 5,100 sports facilities, and more than 616,000 hours of radio and television broadcasting.


51% of the state budget goes to the health, social welfare and education systems.

More than 13,000 health institutions provide coverage to the entire population.

Cuba has more than 94,000 doctors, representing 8.2 doctors per thousand inhabitants, as well as 19,000 dentists, and 85,000 nurses.

At the end of 2018, for the second consecutive year, and with four fewer deaths than the previous year, Cuba saw the lowest infant mortality rate in its history, at 4.0 per thousand live births.


More than 2,568,000 homes have been built since the triumph of the Revolution.









The people cheer Fidel and the bearded Rebel Army troops. Photo: Archive








Fidel Castro enters Santiago de Cuba in 1959, accompanied by Celia Sánchez. Photo: Archive











Fidel and Raúl Castro on the balcony of Santiago de Cuba’s City Hall. Photo: Archive









The triumph of the Revolution. Photo: Archive









January 3, Fidel meets Camilo Cienfuegos, who reports important developments in the center of the island. Photo: Archive








Fidel enters Havana, January 8, 1959. Pictured as well are Juan Almeida Bosque, Camilo Cienfuegos, Augusto Martínez Sánchez and other rebel leaders. Photo: Archive












Fidel enters Havana. Photo: Archive







The Caravan traveled along the Malecón and up 23rd Street. At the Radiocentro, Fidel spoke with several artists, and amidst joyful crowds continued on to Marianao. Photo: Archive







Photo: Archive

The event held in Havana to mark the arrival of the Caravan of Liberty lasted until 2:00am on the 9th. Photo: Archive