Mother Cuba

Mother Cuba
The Federation of Cuban Women, which has placed Cuban women in the center of the Revolution, today celebrates its 59th anniversary. Granma presents a tribute to all women, and to Cuba

Leslie Díaz Monserrataugust 23, 2019 08:08:30
If Cuba were a woman, she would be called Mariana, like the strong mother who forged warrior children.

If Cuba were a woman, she would wear a long dress with white and blue stripes and a star on her chest.

If Cuba were a woman, she would enchant, not with her silhouette of a Caribbean queen, but with the strength of her character, with her courage.

Her colors would be the green of the fields, the blue of the sea that caresses them, the red of the blood of her people in the wars of independence.

She brought freedom to life in a difficult, prolonged birth. Then she gave birth to the Revolution and cradled it in her arms. She has born valuable men and women, tireless fighters.

She dresses every day with palms, and although small, does not know the word fear. A good while ago, she learned to fight giants.

Her life has not been easy. She has been obliged to resist, impose herself, like the great women who could not abide oppressive norms and decided to fight.

Having her as a mother gives us infinite pride. We are all brothers and sisters of a single people.

Yes, Cuba must be a woman and thus, within the beauty that surrounds her, her loving children contemplate her proudly.


The Federation of Cuban Women has more than 4,300,000 members, more than 90% of the women over 14 years of age.

Women represent 53.22% of the seats in the National Assembly of People’s Power the highest legislative body in the country; and 48.4% of the Council of State.They constitute 60.5% of graduates from institutions of higher learning and 67.2% of technicians and professionals throughout the nation.Women make up 49% of workers in the civilian state sector and 48.6% of directors; 81.9% of professors, teachers, and scientists; and80% of prosecutors, presidents of Provincial Courts, professional judges, as well as the workforce in health and education.









Mariana Grajales, the Mother of all Cubans, is an example of integrity and devotion to the homeland. Photo: Archive









Ana Betancourt raised her voice during the Guáimaro Assembly in 1869, in support of women’s rights. Photo: Archive









Celia Sánchez was a heroine of the Revolution and the first women to fight in the Sierra Maestra. Photo: Archive









Vilma Espín founded the Federation of Cuban Women, with Fidel, and will be its eternal president. Photo: Archive