National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba



Dear Friends,

For the first time, Cuba’s National Symphony Orchestra is touring the U.S. and will be in the NYC area for only one performance, Saturday, October 27. We are buying a block of orchestra seats for friends of the Center — it will be great to have us there together — so if you would like to participate, let us know ASAP so we can send you a ticket (preferably today or tomorrow!). With luck we will have the physical tickets for our opening on October 11. The seats are $40 each (as you can see from the link to Lehman;s web site).

Call us at 212 242 0559 to reserve your seat with us — of course, you can also simply order tickets directly from Lehman.
Most important is that we want us PRESENTE!

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National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba

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Casa de las Américas

Casa de las Américas (Casa) is a New York-based organization of Cuban emigrants who support the revolution. Beginning in 1955, the July 26 Committee was established in NY for the purpose of supporting the armed struggle that was taking place in Cuba against the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista. Shortly after the triumph of the revolution in 1959, the Committee was renamed Casa Cuba, which later became Casa de las Américas.

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