The Nobel Peace Prize winner

I will hardly refer to the Cuban people, who one day rid their country of the United States domain, when the imperialist system had reached the height of its power.

Men and women of different ages paraded on May Day down the most symbolic squares in all provinces of the country.

Our Revolution emerged where it was least expected by the empire, in a hemisphere where it was used to act like an all-powerful master.

Cuba came to be the last country to get rid of Spanish colonialism and the first to shake off the heinous imperialist tutelage.

Today I am thinking particularly about the sister Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and its heroic struggle against the ruthless plunder of the resources with which Nature has endowed that noble and self-sacrificing people who one day sent their soldiers to faraway places in this continent to bring the Spanish military power to its knees.

Cuba has no need to explain why we have been in solidarity not only with all the countries of this hemisphere but also with many others in Africa and other regions of the world.

The Bolivarian Revolution has also been in solidarity with our homeland. Its support was transcendental during the years of the Special Period. That cooperation, however, in no way came up at Cuba’s request. Neither did we demand any condition from any of the peoples that required our educational or medical services. We would have offered Venezuela our maximum support no matter the circumstances.

For revolutionary Cubans, to cooperate with other poor and exploited peoples has always been a political principle and a duty towards humanity.

I feel great satisfaction to watch, as I did yesterday, through Venezolana de Televisión and Telesur, the profound impact that the adoption of the Labor Organic Law enacted by the Bolivarian leader and president of the Republic, Hugo Chávez Frías, caused among the people. I had never seen anything like that in the political landscape of our hemisphere.

I paid attention to the huge crowds that gathered in the squares and avenues of Caracas, particularly the spontaneous comments made by the citizens who were interviewed. I had hardly –ever, perhaps- seen the level of emotion and hope that transpired in their statements. It became evident that the overwhelming majority of the people are humble workers. A true battle of ideas is being powerfully waged.

Rafael Correa, President of Ecuador, courageously stated that we are living through a change of times rather than through times of change. Both Rafael Correa and Hugo Chávez are Christians. But, Obama, what is he? What does he believe in?

One year after the murder of Bin Laden, Obama is competing with his rival, Mitt Romney, to justify that action which was perpetrated at a facility close to the Military Academy of Pakistan, a Muslim country allied to the United States.

Marx and Engels never talked about murdering the bourgeois. According to the old bourgeois concept, the judges were the ones who judged and the executioners were the ones who executed.

There is no doubt that Obama was a Christian; one of the facets of that religion helped him to learn the trade of conveying his ideas, an art that meant a lot to him during his meteoric rise to the upper echelons of his party.

The principled declaration of Philadelphia of July of 1776 stated that all men were born equal and free and that they were all endowed by their Creator with certain rights. As far as we know, three quarters of a century after independence the black slaves, with their wives and children, continued to be sold at public squares; and almost two centuries later, Martin Luther King, a Nobel Peace Laureate, had a dream, but he was murdered.

The Oslo Nobel Committee awarded Obama his prize, and he almost became a legend. However, millions of persons must have watched the images. Nobel Laureate Barack Obama traveled hurriedly to Afghanistan as if the world ignored the mass murders, the burnings of Muslims’ sacred books and the desecration of the corpses of murdered persons.

No honest person will ever assent to the perpetration of terrorist actions. But, has the US president any right to judge or kill, to become both the judge and the executioner and commit such crimes in a country and against a people on the opposite side of the planet?

We watched the US President in shirtsleeves, running up a steep staircase, walking at quick pace down an overhead corridor and stop to give a speech to a large military contingent that applauded unwillingly the words of the illustrious President. Those men were not all American-born. I thought about the colossal expenses this meant, whose burden is being borne by the world. After all, who is bearing the burden of that huge cost which exceeds already 15 trillion dollars? That is what the illustrious Nobel Peace Laureate offers humanity.

Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro Ruz

May 3, 2012

7:50 p.m.

Center for Human Rights and Peace Studies

Center for Human Rights



Havana. May 3, 2012

Cuban workers celebrate May Day, united and determined to defend the Revolution and perfect socialism in Cuba

Massive demonstrations of support for the Revolution and commitment to socialism took place on May Day in all of Cuba’s 15 provinces. Workers and the entire people carrying banners and posters filled Plazas and avenues across the country.

President Raúl Castro presided during Cuba’s national May Day march in which 500,000 participants celebrated International Workers’ Day, in Havana’s José Martí Plaza de la Revolución.

The march began with a speech by Salvador Valdés Mesa Secretary General of the Cuban Workers Federation (CTC) and a member of the Party’s Political Bureau. He described the mobilizations across the country as genuine expressions of the workers’ and the people’s support for the Revolution and their commitment to socialism.

He said, “We are celebrating a day of reaffirmation and commitment to the fulfillment of the Social and Economic Policy Guidelines approved at the 6th Communist Party of Cuba Congress.”

Valdés added that workers and the trade union movement are the principal protagonists in efforts to perfect Cuba’s economic model, acknowledging that the current economic battle is not without obstacles and hardship. He called for increased production, improved discipline on the job and greater productivity.

Workers from the health sector carrying an enormous banner reading `Preserve and perfect socialism’ led the march, in which leaders of the Party, government and mass organizations also participated.

Health workers were awarded the honor of leading the march this year in recognition of the importance of their work to the country and the role they play in Cuba’s international collaboration, currently working in 66 nations around the globe.

Workers and communities were organized into 23 blocks, each assigned a place within the march, and carried an incredible variety of banners, posters and photographs of Fidel, Raúl, Che and revolutionaries from around the world, including Karl Marx and Lenin.

Most evident were images of the Cuban Five, unjustly convicted for their anti-terrorist activities in the United States: Gerardo Hernández, Ramón Labañino, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando González and René González. Posters and banners called for their immediate release and definitive return to Cuba.

Witnessing the event from a tribunal in the Plaza were 1,900 special guests, trade unionists and members of solidarity groups from 117 countries.



El documental revela los intrincados detalles de este asesinato político ocurrido en Puerto Rico, en abril de 1978. Carlos encabezaba un esperanzador movimiento por la reunificación de Cuba y el cese de la agresión de Estados Unidos contra la Antilla MAyor..


Sabotage in Miami

Fire guts Miami offices of Cuba travel firm

Reuters By David Adams | Reuters – Fri, Apr 27, 2012

MIAMI (Reuters) – State and local officials were investigating a suspicious fire on Friday that gutted the Miami offices of a travel agency specializing in flights to Cuba.

Fire rescue officials responded to a fire at Airline Brokers before dawn. The ground floor suite of offices was destroyed and an acrid smell hung in the air as police cordoned off the street outside. Investigators searched through the ashes assisted by dogs that are trained to detect accelerant.

“There is an investigation currently underway,” said Deborah Cox, a spokeswoman for the state Fire Marshals Office. She said no details were being released because the probe was ongoing.

The FBI is also working with local police “to determine how the investigation will proceed,” said the FBI’s Miami spokesman, Michael Leverock.

Airline Brokers owner Vivian Mannerud said she suspected arson by Cuban exile militants upset over her role in organizing a special charter flight for 340 Cuban-American pilgrims who went to Cuba last month for the visit by Pope Benedict XVI.

“I’m afraid it was intentional, because of the indignation over the pope’s visit,” Mannerud said. “But we can’t conclude anything until we see the results of the investigation. Maybe it was electrical.”

Mannerud said she had not received any recent threats to her business, but she said she was targeted in the early 1990s by Cuban exile extremists.

“If it was intentional, that would be a big blemish on the city. I thought we had moved past the era of terrorist acts,” she added, referring to attacks on Cuban exile moderates in previous decades.

For decades after Cuba’s 1959 revolution, Miami was the scene of politically motivated arson attacks and car-bombings targeting perceived Cuba government sympathizers and people doing business with the island.

The fire destroyed the contents of the office, Mannerud said, raising the suspicion that an accelerant might have been involved. “It looks like an atomic bomb exploded. It’s pulverized and the furniture is ashes. There’s not even a leg of a desk,” she said.

None of the company’s 18 employees were in the office when the fire started.

Airline Brokers is one of a number of charter companies that fly to Cuba from airports in Miami, as well as a growing number of other U.S. cities, including Tampa, New York and Los Angeles, under special Treasury Department licenses.

Mannerud said her company has seven flights a week from Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Despite losing all the office computers, she said she planned to continue taking bookings, adding that the company’s Cuba flight schedule would not be affected.

(Editing By Tom Brown and Stacey Joyce)

Washington Post Ad to publish Monday April 30 for the Cuban Five!‏


The Full-Page Ad in

calling for Freedom for
the Cuban Five, will publish on
Monday, April 30!

Dear friends:

We are happy to announce that on Monday, April 30, 2012, the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five will publish a Full-page Advertisement in the Washington Post! This is possible because of the help of hundreds of supporters of the Cuban Five, who made generous donations.

Daily circulation of The Washington Post is 545,345 and daily readership is 1,080,000, so it will have an enormous reach on Monday.

Stay tuned! Monday, we will display the Ad on our website.

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Originally posted by National Committee To Free The Cuban Five

Anuncio en Washington Post se publica lunes, 30 abril para los Cinco!‏

El anuncio de página completa en

exigiendo libertad para los Cinco Cubanos será publicado el lunes, 30 de abril!

Queridos Amigos:

Nos complace anunciar de que el lunes 30 de abril del 2012, El Comité Nacional por la Libertad de Los Cinco Cubanos, hará una publicación de página completa en el Washington Post, exigiendo la libertad de los Cinco! Esto ha sido posible con la ayuda de cientos de personas que apoyan la causa de Los Cinco, quienes hicieron generosas donaciones.

La circulación diaria del Washington Post es de 545,345 y es leído diariamente por 1,080,000, de manera que tendrá un enorme alcance el lunes.

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El Comité Nacional por la Libertad de los Cinco Cubanos

Message of Solidarity to the Freedom Riders

Dear New York Freedom Riders,

The members of Casa de las Americas wish to say thank you for your decision to be a Freedom Rider to Washington, DC for the Cuban Five this past Saturday, April 21st.  We are grateful for your solidarity with Cuba, with its people, and with the Cuban Five.

At the rally, we fulfilled the objective of raising awareness of our Five Cuban Heroes and the great injustice that has been done to them.

We understand that President Obama can exercise his executive position and release these men and allow them to return to Cuba immediately. We remain hopeful, that as a result of the great efforts of the International Committee to Free the Five during last week at Washington, DC and that of the many friends from around this nation like you, including international friends that joined in these efforts, that we have come significantly closer to realizing our ultimate goal which is for Gerardo Hernandez, Antonio Guerrero, Rene Gonzalez, Fernando Gonzalez and Ramon Labañino to return home.

We extend our appreciation to DC37 for their generosity for this cause. They donated two of the four buses and distributed wholesome boxed lunches for all participants, as well as plastic ponchos in case it rained. Local 1199 helped considerably to finance the rental of one of the buses. These are actions that speak to their mission, the character of their leadership, and their commitment to peace, justice, and humanity.

To the organizations in solidarity with Cuba that comprise the July 26 Coalition. Their hard work and dutiful planning ensured the success of New York’s participation at the culminating event of the rally for the Five.

It was more than an honor to spend the day with you all. We had the best time together especially on our return home. To everyone that entertained us with a song, a story, a poem, quote or a funny joke – we say thank you.  We were reminded of all the talent, positive energy, and fiery spirit that exists amongst us.

“Hacer es la mejor forma de decir”

– José Martí

Un fuerte abrazo,

Nancy Cabrero


Casa de las Américas

Multiplicado el reclamo por los Cinco

Con epicentro en Washington, se realizaron acciones por la libertad de los antiterroristas cubanos en varias ciudades del mundo

Juventud Rebelde

21 de Abril del 2012 22:39:42 CDT

WASHINGTON, abril 21.— La jornada Cinco días por los Cinco concluyó este sábado con el compromiso de continuar el reclamo al Gobierno de Estados Unidos por la excarcelación inmediata e incondicional de los antiterroristas cubanos, prisioneros políticos en ese país, reportó PL.

Con velada en el salón de actos de la embajada de Venezuela se puso fin a cinco jornadas de intensas actividades; sin embargo, no se descansa en la lucha por el regreso a Cuba de Gerardo Hernández, Ramón Labañino, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando González y René González.

Alicia Jrapko, coordinadora del Comité Internacional para la Libertad de los Cinco, resaltó la presencia en Washington de cientos de activistas de varios estados de la Unión, al igual que de naciones como Italia, Bélgica, Francia, Alemania, Canadá y Honduras, entre otros.
Las palabras de clausura estuvieron a cargo de la pacifista estadounidense Cindy Sheehan, quien perdió a su hijo en Iraq y desde entonces se convirtió en una de las más potentes voces contra la guerra.

Durante la jornada se destacó el plantón que también tuvo lugar este sábado frente a la Casa Blanca, en el que participaron unas 300 personas que hicieron escuchar la demanda de libertad para los luchadores, supo JR por medio del Comité Internacional por la liberación de los Cinco. El llamado irradió por todo el planeta como parte del esfuerzo global por la justicia.

Muy temprano en la mañana varios autobuses, rentados con el apoyo de sindicatos neoyorkinos, partieron desde esa ciudad repletos de amigos solidarios para manifestarse ante la Casa Blanca en demanda de la libertad de los héroes. Con el lema Viaje por la Libertad de los Cinco, los manifestantes se hicieron presentes portando pancartas, banderas y carteles por la libertad de los cubanos y por los presos políticos puertorriqueños en cárceles de EE.UU.

Las actividades en Washington fueron trasmitidas por el canal en Internet CubaenWashington, en Justin TV, que al cierre de esta información tenía registradas más de 5 000 visitas.
Mientras, en San Juan de Puerto Rico también se realizó una manifestación en defensa de los legítimos derechos de quienes únicamente defendieron a su pueblo contra el terrorismo. El acto tuvo lugar frente a la Antigua Corte Federal (USA), en el Viejo San Juan, y estuvo presidido por el luchador Rafael Cancel Miranda y Milagros Rivera.

Por otra parte, en Nicaragua fue aprobada por amplia mayoría una resolución parlamentaria demandando al Gobierno de EE.UU. la libertad para Gerardo, René, Ramón, Antonio y Fernando.

Asimismo, se realizaron actividades en más de una veintena de países, y el sábado en la noche se continuaban recibiendo reportes de otras iniciativas a lo largo del planeta, como prueba del éxito de la convocatoria de solidaridad global con la causa, con epicentro en Washington. El Comité internacional aseguró que cerca de 300 asociaciones y partidos se sumaron en los últimos días a la campaña.

Asimismo trascendió, según PL, que como parte de las jornadas Cinco días por Los Cinco se enviaron más de 2 000 firmas a la Casa Blanca solicitando el fin de la injusticia.
Las Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo, en Argentina, la Asociación de Juristas Demócratas de Francia, letrados japoneses y la Asociación de solidaridad con Cuba en Guatemala, entre otros, multiplicaron el reclamo por los Cinco, que llegó por primera vez al Congreso norteamericano.

De acuerdo con los reportes desde Washington fue muy provechoso el encuentro de activistas con unos 40 senadores y miembros de la Cámara de Representantes del Congreso de Estados Unidos, quienes recibieron detalles del caso. Los legisladores se interesaron por la situación de los Cinco y algunos expresaron frases como «Estamos tan frustrados como ustedes acerca de esto» y «Podríamos enviarle una carta a Obama para que los libere como un gesto humanitario, averiguaremos a quiénes les gustaría formar parte», narró PL.

Otra de las actividades de rotundo éxito fue el panel convocado con la frase Obama, give me Five, en el que intervinieron la sindicalista Dolores Huerta, el abogado José Pertierra, el escritor y periodista Saul Landau; el ex jefe de la Oficina de Intereses en La Habana, Wayne Smith; el analista Salim Lamrani y el actor Danny Glover , entre otros. Asistió también el Jefe de la Sección de Intereses de Cuba en Washington, Jorge Bolaños, reseñó Cubadebate.

Varios de los oradores exigieron a la administración del presidente Barack Obama la eliminación del bloqueo económico, comercial y financiero que Estados Unidos mantiene contra el pueblo cubano desde hace más de medio siglo.

Demand grows for the freedom of the Cuban Five

With the epicenter in Washington, actions took place for the freedom of the anti-terrorist Cubans in cities throughout the world.

Juventud Rebelde

April 21, 2012 CDT

WASHINGTON, April 21 — The week-long campaign “Five Days for the Five” concluded yesterday, Saturday, with a commitment to continue to the demand that the government of the United States immediately and unconditionally free the Cuban anti-terrorists, political prisoners of that country, Prensa Latina (PL) reported.

With a gathering at the events hall of the Venezuelan Embassy, the campaign of intense activities for the Five concluded; however, there will be no respite from the struggle to return to Cuba of Gerardo Hernández, Ramón Labañino, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando González y René González.

Alicia Jrapko, Coordinatoor of the International Committee for the Freedom of the Five, highlighted the presence in Washington of hundred of activists from various states of the Union, as well as countries sch as Italy, Belgium, France, Germany, Canada and Honduras, among others. Closing words were made by U.S. peace activist Cindy Sheehan who lost her son in Iraq and since then has become one of the most potent voices against the war.

During the weeklong events a picket in front of the White House of more than 300 people took place this Saturday where the demand for the freedom of fighters was voiced, it was reported to Juventud Rebelde (JR) via the International Committee for the Freedom of the Five. This call resounded throughout the planet as part of this international effort for justice.

Very early that morning, several buses, rented with the support of New York City labor unions, departed from that city full of solidarity supporters on their way to demand the freedom of these heroes at the White House. With the call “Freedom Ride for the Cuban 5”, these demonstrators made their presence felt, carrying banners, flags and posters for the freedom of the 5 Cubans and for the freedom of the Puerto Rican political prisoners in the jails of the United States.

The activities in Washington were broadcast by the Internet Cuba in Washington channel, by Justin TV, who at the close of events reported that they had covered a demonstration of more than 5,000 participants. Simultaneously in San Juan, Puerto Rico, a demonstration was held in defense of those who only defended the legitimate right of their country to struggle against terrorism. The demonstration took place in front of the Old U.S. Federal Court House in Old San Juan, and was led by freedom fighter Rafael Cancel Miranda and Milagros Rivera.

Elsewhere, in Nicaragua, a resolution demanding that the United States Government free Gerardo, René, Ramón, Antonio and Fernando was adopted by a broad majority of the Nicaraguan Parliament.

At the same time, activities were held in more than 20 countries and on Saturday evening reports were still coming in about other initiatives taking place throughout the planet, as proof of the success of this call for global solidarity with this cause whose epicenter was Washington. The International Committee affirmed that more than 300 associations and political parties added their support in the final days of the campaign.

Similarly, Prensa Latina (PL) reported that as part of this five day campaign for the Five more than 2,000 signatures were given to the White House requesting an end to this injustice. The Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo in Argentina, The Association of Democratic Jurists of Frnace, scholars from Japan and The Association for Solidarity with Cuba in Guatemala, among others, multiplied the demand for the Five that was made for the first time to the U.S. Congress.

According to reports from Washington, meetings by activists with more than 40 Senators and Members of the House of Representatives of the U.S. Congress were very productive. Officials received details about the case with some indicating that “We are frustrated as you are about this situation” and “We can send a letter to Obama asking that he free them as a humanitarian gesture and we will indentify those who would like to be a part of this effort”, Prensa Latina reported.

Other activities that were enormously successful were the panel that took place with the theme of “Obama Give Me Five!” where statements of support were made by labor leader Dolores Huerta, Attorny José Pertierra, writer and journalist Saul Landau; former head of the U.S. Interests Section in Havana, Wayne Smith; political analyst Salim Lamrani and actor Danny Glover, among others. The Head of the Cuban Interests Section in Washington, Jorge Bolaños, also participated, Cubadebate reported.

Various speakers demanded that the Administration of President Barack Obama end the economic, commercial and financial blockade that the United States has maintained against the Cuban people for more than half a century.

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