President Ortega highlights Nicaragua’s advances and challenges


acto1MANAGUA.— Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, spoke of the advances and challenges in his country, during a ceremony commemorating the 35th anniversary of the triumph of the Sandinista Revolution, July 19, 1979  In the capital’s Plaza de la Fe, before a multitude of Nicaraguans and representatives from various nations, Ortega highlighted Nicaragua’s advances in areas such as combating poverty, extreme poverty and malnutrition, over the last seven years

acto2He also emphasized advances made in healthcare; education; the construction of roads and high-ways; productive policies; the rights of young people; popular participation; and above all solidarity. Nonetheless, he also commented on the many challenges facing the country, stating that are some areas in which illiteracy persists, principally in the mountains, and highlighting the need to bring literacy to the communities in these regions.

At another point during his speech, referring to the Sandinista Revolution, he recalled that the Nicaragua people overthrew the United States’ representative in country, dictator Anastasio Somoza

The people organized themselves in different combat fronts, in the insurrection in the cities, raising the black and red flag to defend and save the homeland and break the chains of U.S. imperialism, he stated.

acto3Ramiro Valdés, a Cuban vice president of the Councils of State and Ministers, who led a delegation to the celebrations, described the July 19 triumph as the beginning of a long road of transformations in Nicaragua. He emphasized the country’s economic growth and creation of more employment after the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) returned to power in 2007, as well as the development of social programs and achievements in security and reduction of poverty.

thAlso present was Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, who extended his nation’s support to the construction of an inter-oceanic canal in Nicaragua.

Maduro stated that Nicaragua has the support of Venezuela and Alba. Emphasizing the need to think big, think about great infrastructure projects, a new economy, how to build powerful, developed and diversified economies.

Maduro congratulated Ortega for “having assumed this historic project of constructing an inter-oceanic canal here in Nicaraguan territory, with clarity and integrity.”

In 1979, the dictatorial government of Anastasio Somoza Debayle, the last member of the Somoza Debayle family to hold the position, was defeated by an insurrectional movement led by the FSLN.

In attendance at the commemoration ceremony, led by Ortega, were the Presidents of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro; El Salvador, Salvador Sánchez Cerén; and Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernández. As well as Nobel Peace Prize winner Rigoberta Menchú, and President of the Ecuadoran Parliament, Gabriela Rivadeneira, among other dignitaries. (PL)


President Ortega highlights Nicaragua’s advances and challenges