Senator Bob Menendez another anti-Cuban Sleaze Ball

Bob Menendez tries to wash his dirty linen with Cuba

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Revised by Walter Lippmann.

Democratic Bob Menendez earlier today reacted to accusations that blame him for having sex with minors in Dominican Republic, however, the strategy of the senator has been nothing more and nothing less than to blame Cuba, an old resource used by politicians of Cuban origin counter to cover up their faults.


Menendez has asked the U.S. Justice Department to investigate this alleged plot, according to The Washington Post.

The allegations against the politician came to light in November 2012 when the Daily Caller, a conservative website and in no way linked to Cuba, cited two Dominican women who claimed that the senator had been paid for sex with him, but suspiciously the women withdrew last year.

But the story is longer, the Sen. stayed on holiday in the Dominican Republic, at the residence of his friend, the millionaire Dominican opthalmonogist Salomon Melgen, who has also contributed to the legislator.

The Justice Department maintains an investigation to determine whether Menendez used his influence to benefit Melgen in his businesses, according to the Post.

Menendez interceded on issues related to the financial interests of Melgen, trying to pressure the Dominican government to fulfill a contract with the security company belonging to Melgen port itself.

The senator also interceded with the U.S. authorities to dispute that Melgen had made improper charges to the federal system known as Medicare retirees for eye treatment for a total of $ 8.9 million.

The Post claims that the FBI’s department of public integrity is investigating the matter seriously and considering possible charges against Menendez.