Sinister means of sedition – Kiev, Caracas, and Managua

Sinister means of sedition
The images say it all, they are the same aggressors. If we look at photos taken in three places – Kiev, Caracas, and Managua – we will find many coincidences

Author: Raúl Antonio Capote |
july 4, 2018 16:07:28








The terrorists not only use the same means and tactics, but also share an identical appearance. This photo was taken in Ukraine. Photo: Granma Archives
Faced with the rise in Latin America of progressive movements in the late 1990s, and the possible rise to power of leftist governments – such as that of Venezuela in 1999 – the United States government, in alliance with the most reactionary forces of the American continent and Europe, posed the urgent need to produce leaders of a new type, based on an extensive scholarship program to train the ringleaders of the backlash and to “plant” their supporters in Latin American universities.

The strategy of U.S. intelligence services was aimed at bastardizing youth and student movements, converting them into non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to administer resources for sedition from the International Republican Institute (IRI), National Endowment for Democracy (NED), United States Agency for International Development (USAID), etc. – subordinating them to these organizations and committing them to increasing levels of violence.

In 2004, Srdja Popovic and Slobodan Djinovic created the Center for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies (CANVAS) in Serbia, an attractive and productive business financed by the U.S. government.

Thanks to the economic support of the United States Institute of Peace, the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC), and Freedom House, the two champions of the Otpor social movement, published the book Nonviolent Struggle: 50 Crucial Points, which became the “Bible” of seditious and terrorist movements in Arab countries and Latin America, as much or more so than the manuals of Gene Sharp, Bob Helvey, and Ackerman.







During the street barricades in Venezuela. Photo: Granma Archives
Srdja Popovic states in the documentary How to Start a Revolution: “When Bob Helvey gave us Gene Sharp’s politics of nonviolent action, we were quite amazed,” noting that they learned how the pillars of support that sustain a government can be destroyed.

The trips by Venezuelan youth “leaders” from 2004 to the U.S., Serbia and Poland, were used to instruct them in unconventional warfare tactics, and share the experience acquired by their preceptors in confronting governments that were an inconvenience to the U.S. The trips also served to select the best elements and push them to step up their subversive plans.

Billionaire Hungarian George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, an organization that handles billions of dollars and finances hundreds of NGOs that promote “nonviolent struggle,” is the most effective “independent third party” in promoting and defending the global power of the empire, behind the facade of the defense of “just” causes, academic philanthropy, and even the protection of immigrants.

This mega “company” is responsible for death and chaos in many parts of the world, and its role in the current “revolution” is not insignificant. Its list is long and its “generous” hand today extends to Managua, to support destabilizing actions against the Sandinista government.

It helped organize the Belarusian youth of the Zubr movement, the Open Society Institute (OSI), and also took care of training members of Kmara in Georgia, and “students” of Kiev; the list is long.






Violent protests in Managua have many of the same elements noted in those seen in Kiev and Caracas. Photo: Granma Archives
The Venezuelan and Nicaraguan terrorists didn’t copy the organization and military equipment of Ukraine’s Maidan movement. Those who promoted, financed, and undertook this work are the same that for years have been trying to crush the Bolivarian Revolution and, of course, they have the same masters.

Hence the use of snipers, hoods to hide their faces, bulletproof vests, helmets with built-in cameras to transmit terrorist acts live, visors, gas masks, bazookas, mortars and homemade explosives, backpacks and bags to carry Molotov cocktails, slingshots, clubs, iron bars, tin shields.

And what is worse, targeted protests, the escalation of violence, use of mercenaries and paramilitaries, recruitment of minors to attack security forces, the use of symbols such as the cross of the crusades or the Knights Templar, cruelty against opponents.

The images say it all, they are the same aggressors. If we look at photos taken in these three places – Kiev, Caracas and Managua – we will find many coincidences. One of the most horrifying elements of these acts is, without doubt, the practice of burning innocent people alive to sow terror.

The human torches were repeated in Ukraine, Venezuela, and Nicaragua. Certain questions arise: Who is the next victim? Where else will we see the “nonviolent” activists mobilize? How many more deaths to restore power to the right, in the service of the empire, in our Great Homeland?

As the ideologues of Maidan, the George Soros’ and Gene Sharp, the “internationalist” kids of Otpor repeat over and again: The goal is to ensure that chaos reigns.