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Falleció el presidente Hugo Chávez

CUBADEBATE 5 marzo 2013
El presidente de Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, falleció hoy a las 4:25 de la tarde en el Hospital Militar Doctor Carlos Arvelo, de esta capital.

En cadena nacional de radio y televisión, el Vicepresidente Ejecutivo, Nicolás Maduro, informó sobre el deceso del mandatario, acompañado del gabinete ejecutivo.

Maduro indicó que en el momento en que se encontraban recibiendo el parte sobre el estado de salud de Chávez, nos dieron “la información mas trágica que podemos transmitir” al pueblo.

Y agregó: “Este es un dolor inmenso y una tragedia histórica que hoy toca a esta patria. Comandante, donde esté usted: gracias, mil veces gracias, de parte de este pueblo que usted protegió, al que nunca le falló. Sólo cabe la comprensión y el respeto a los ideales más grandes de paz que perseguía Hugo Chávez”

El Vicepresidente Ejecutivo señaló que se instruyó un despliegue especial de los órganos de seguridad y la Fuerza Armada Nacional Bolivariana, con vistas a garantizar la paz y el respeto al pueblo de Venezuela.

“En esta tragedia histórica llamamos a los hombres y mujeres a ser los vigilantes de la paz y del respeto de esta patria”, expresó.

Nosotros los civiles y militares “asumimos su herencia, sus retos, su proyecto, junto al acompañamiento y apoyo de todo el pueblo sus banderas serán levantadas con dignidad. Gracias, mil veces gracias”, añadió Maduro.

Unido a ello, llamó a evitar el odio y en su lugar promover el amor, la paz, unidad y disciplina.

Maduro convocó además al pueblo a las plazas Bolívar de todo el país, con el propósito de llevar cantos de homenaje en honor al Comandante Chávez.

“Vamos a crecernos, vamos a ser dignos herederos e hijos de un hombre gigante como fue y como siempre será en el recuerdo el comandante Hugo Chávez”, añadió.

(Con información de Prensa Latina)


Chavez Returns to Venezuela

By Ewan Robertson

Mérida, 18th February 2013 (Venezuelanalysis.com) – Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez returned to Venezuela in the early hours of this morning after over two months in Cuba recovering from cancer surgery.

“We’ve arrived once again to the Venezuelan Homeland. Thank you God! Thank you beloved people! We’ll continue treatment here,” announced Chavez on Twitter when he arrived in Caracas airport at 2.30am this Monday morning.

The Venezuelan head of state had been in Cuba recovering from an operation in the pelvic region undergone on 11 December, in what was his fourth cancer surgery in 18 months.
In another tweet Chavez also thanked the Castro brothers, Cuban president Raul and former president Fidel for their support, as well as his medical team, declaring, “We will live and we will overcome!”

Fidel Castro also wrote a letter to Chavez before his departure from Havana, in which he referred to the stage reached in the Venezuelan president’s recovery.
“A long and agonising wait, as well as your astonishing capacity for physical resistance and the total dedication of a team of doctors…were necessary to achieve this objective,” he wrote.
Upon arrival Chavez was taken to the Dr. Carlos Arvelo military hospital in Caracas, where he will continue treatment as part of his recovery.

On Friday the first images of Chavez since his operation were released, which showed the Venezuelan president smiling and reading, while an official statement confirmed that temporarily he had difficulty speaking due to having a tracheal tube in place for respiratory insufficiency.

This morning, Venezuelan communication minister Ernesto Villegas argued that the official information given on Chavez’s recovery had been vindicated as accurate against voices in international and Venezuelan media which sought to speculate on the president’s health.

“He’s back, he’s back, he’s back,” said Villegas in an interview on state channel VTV, continuing, “the ominous voices are defeated, those who were calling into question the information emitted by the national government with respect to Chavez’s health”.

Villegas added that “a terrible machinery was activated to delegitimise, to call into question all of the information that was being given, including by echoing the most atrocious versions (of Chavez’s state of health)”.

The minister also said that Chavez “ordered at all times that the country was informed on the progress of his treatment,” and that the government had given 30 official updates on the president’s clinical progress during his stay in Cuba.

Venezuelan vice president Nicolas Maduro called on people to gather around the country to celebrate Chavez’s return.
By dawn a crowd had already gathered outside the Dr. Carlos Arvelo military hospital in Caracas to show their support for Chavez.

Maduro also confirmed that the leadership of Chavez’s party, the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), would be meeting today to discuss the party’s political strategy in the new circumstances.

Chavez Returns to Venezuela

Come to support the Bolivarian Revolution


The opposition is calling for a demonstration against the Bolivarian Revolution this coming January 23.

The Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle of New York is calling all progressive and revolutionary forces in the city to defend the Bolivarian Revolution this coming January 23 in front of the…

Consulate of Venezuela in New York at 11 am

Those who in April 2002 attacked the Bolivarian Revolution, deposed members of the National Assembly, kidnapped our president and murdered hundreds of Venezuelans today call themselves “defenders of national constitution.” They are saying that it is unconstitutional for Chavez’s inauguration to be postponed, with Vice President Nicolas Maduro in charge in the meantime, even though this has been approved by the supreme court. Suddenly, they are “defending” the very constitution that for years they have sought to undermine.

We asked them, Where and by whom was the dictator Carmona sworn in?
The opposition is calling for a global day against Chávez, we will demonstrate that January 23 it is a global day for Chávez and the Bolivarian Revolution.

Please bring red shirts, drums and signs that say “I am Chávez/Yo soy Chávez” people all over the world are taking pictures with this message to show that they stand behind not only Chavez himself, but the revolutionary ideas and struggle that he represents – see here

Please spread the word and invite your friends, use yours networks. This is urgent! .Let us know if you will endorse the activity and we will add the name of your organization.

Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle NY, The International Action Center, Alliance for Global Justice, HondurasUSAResistencia, Cuba Solidarity New York, Latin America Solidarity Coalition, July 26th Coalition, Nicaragua Network; Stan Smith, Chicago Committee to Free the Cuban Five; US-El Salvador Sister Cities, May 1st Coalition, National Immigrant Solidarity Network, The International Concerned Family and Friend of Mumia Abu-Jamal and Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Colaition.

Consulado de la Republica Bolivariana de Venezuela en Nueva York7 East 51st Street, New York, New York 10022 between Madison and 5th avenueIn Manhattan, next to St. Patrick’s Cathedral