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Obama does not support David against Goliath, but rather Goliath against David.


thAn unheard of provocation
by Fidel Castro

THIS morning the cables were full of reports about the unheard-of news that a
Malaysia Airlines passenger plane had been hit at an altitude of 10,100 meters as it flew over Ukrainian territory, along a route controlled by the war-hungry government of chocolate king, Petro Poroshenko.

Cuba, which has always stood in solidarity with the Ukrainian people, and in the difficult days of the Chernobyl tragedy provided medical care to the many children affected by the accident’s harmful radiation, and is always willing to continue doing so, cannot refrain from expressing our repudiation of the action of the anti-Russian, anti-Ukrainian and pro-imperialist government.

At the same time, coinciding with the Malaysian aircraft crime, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, head of the nuclear state, ordered his army to invade the Gaza Strip, where, over the last several days, hundreds of Palestinians have died, many of them children. The President of the United States supported the action, describing the repugnant act as legitimate defense.

Obama does not support David against Goliath, but rather Goliath against David. As is known, young men and women from the Israeli people, well prepared for productive work, are being exposed to a death without honor, without glory. I am not aware of the Palestinian’s military strategy, but I know that a combatant prepared to die can defend even the ruins of a building, as long as he has his rifle, as the heroic defenders of Stalingrad demonstrated.

I only wish to express my solidarity with the heroic people who defend the last sliver remaining of what was their homeland for thousands of years.


Fidel Castro Ruz
July 17, 2014
11:14 p.m.



Obama does not support David against Goliath, but rather Goliath against David.

Obama Fascista

Hillary Clinton Urged Obama To End Cuba Embargo: Book

Posted: 06/06/2014 12:29 am EDT Updated: 06/06/2014 12:59 am EDT
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PARIS (AP) — In her new book, former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says she pushed President Barack Obama to lift or ease the decades-long U.S. embargo on Cuba because it was no longer useful to American interests or promoting change on the communist island.th
In excerpts of the book “Hard Choices” obtained by The Associated Press ahead of its release next week, Clinton writes that the embargo has given communist leaders Fidel and Raul Castro an excuse not to enact democratic reforms. And she says opposition from some in Congress to normalizing relations — “to keep Cuba in a deep freeze” — has hurt both the United States and the Cuban people. She says the 2009 arrest by Cuba of USAID contractor Alan Gross and Havana’s refusal to release him on humanitarian grounds is a “tragedy” for improving ties.

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Sign the Petition

“Karen Lee Wald”

This is what I received, asking us to sign a petition on a White House website, asking the White House “to open an honest dialog with the Cuban government to secure the release of American Operative Alan Gross” I thought it was a put-on. The message read:
The White House has put this petition on its website. It asks the US government to open a dialogue with Cuba for the release of Alan Gross. Your signature is needed. http://1.usa. gov/TyOtlG

Open an honest dialog with the Cuba government to secure the release of American operative Alan Gross
Include potential prisoner exchanges, admissions of wrong doing, drop of the embargo as incentives to bring this man home. His employer owes it to him.

When I first received an email urging me to go to the White House site to sign a petition of this nature, I thought it was a spoof or a virus or something — that it couldn’t be serious. So I asked around, and received this explanation:
It’s part of an initiative by the WH to “listen to the people”. So anyone can go there and post a petition. I think in this case it was LAWG/WOLA/ETC. Then if 25,000 sign it within an allotted amount of time, it gets bumped up to a higher level and at some point the most popular petitions get accepted and read by whoever at White House is in charge of this program. Supposedly it is a way for people to organize and be heard by the administration and for the admin to know what is important to large groups of people. Which means we need to get the largest number of people possible to sign this petition, and soon.

Here’s an explanation about how to do it:
Dear friends:

Here is how the White House Petition works. You have to open an account with them first:

1- Click on the link that goes to the petition.

http://1.usa. gov/TyOtlG

2- There is a blue square that reads “Create an account”. Click on it.
3- Fill in the blanks on the form: e-mail address, name, last name and zip code (optional).
4- Read and type the gibberish they put below [“Captcha” –used on many sites to make sure you are a real person and not a spamming machine. That’s the hard part for me because I often don’t see them in my browser. I’m not sure what you can do if you have the same problem. klw]
5- Click again on the blue square at the bottom “Create an account”.
Take a quick break and go to your e-mail inbox. You are going to have a message from them to confirm that you are in fact a real person.
6- After the first paragraph there comes a long link. Click on it and you have already set up the account with them.
7- After that you have to go back to the original petition:

http://1.usa. gov/TyOtlG

8- Click on the blue square which says “Sign in” and then fill in the blanks and you are all set. You’ll be immediately notified that your name was registered.

I know this sounds like a lot of hassle, but believe me, people who really want to see improved relations between the two countries believe this could be a very effective tool to get the Administration’ s attention, so it’s worth doing. If you can’t do it right now, don’t delete it — put it in some folder you will go back to when you have the time (I have one like that called “Activities” ) and do it. But don’t wait too long.


Case of Alan Gross

(Originally posted by Cuba Central)

Dear Friends,

We report on a flurry of activity concerning the case of Alan Gross, just days before the third anniversary of his arrest in Cuba, an event marked at a press conference in Washington this morning by his wife Judy Gross, understandably disconsolate, with his lawyer, Jared Genser, by her side.

Together, they said the Obama administration had failed to pursue vigorous diplomacy sufficient to secure his release.  He feels “dumped and forgotten” by the U.S. government, Mrs. Gross said, like a soldier left to die.  The lawyer’s message to the U.S. government was also direct:  “You sent him there; you have an obligation to get him out.”

In fact, they laid blame at the feet of both governments for being obstacles to the settlement of his case.  They said the Cuban government, which publicly calls for direct negotiations to address his case and the captivity of the Cuban Five, was either unable or unwilling to talk.

But they also made a special point of noting that the Obama administration had actively sought and won the release of Americans imprisoned abroad, and said the administration should pick an envoy close to President Obama, with full White House support, to go to Cuba and negotiate Alan Gross’s release.

Significantly, they called his captivity an obstacle to improvements in U.S.-Cuba relations, and urged both parties to work for his release.  In saying so, they parted company with the most ardent embargo supporters, who warn the Obama administration not to negotiate for his release.

As Senator Bob Menendez said this week in an interview with the New York Times “I’m not into negotiating for someone who is clearly a hostage of the Cuban regime.” Judy Gross correctly diagnosed the hardliner’s position as a surefire recipe for continuing his captivity for years.  “He is a pawn of these very radical right-wing Cuba haters, for lack of a better word, who don’t want to see any changes happen, even to get Alan home.”

Mrs. Gross pled for her husband’s release on humanitarian grounds, and demanded access by doctors for an independent examination of a mass on his shoulder that the family believes could be cancerous.  For its part, the Cuban government released this week the results of a biopsy conducted October 24th, and an examination by a physician who is also ordained as a Rabbi, who concluded that the growth is not cancerous.

Two weeks ago, attorneys for the Gross family filed a law suit against the U.S. government and his employer, the USAID contractor DAI, seeking $60 million in damages.  In the complaint available here, they concede that his activities were “to promote (a) successful democratic transition” in Cuba and that when he was at risk of detection by Cuban authorities, USAID failed to comply with provisions of the “Counterintelligence Manual” to save him before his arrest.

Mr. Gross knew of the dangers associated with his activities in Cuba, writing in one of the trip reports filed with his employer under the USAID contract, “In no uncertain terms, this is very risky business.”

In light of these facts, it is hard to understand why his legal representatives still argue that all he was doing in Cuba was trying to improve Internet access for the Jewish community.  This benign explanation was long ago overtaken by the facts.

Even so, it is a position that remains front and center in the U.S. State Department’s talking points.  Victoria Nuland, the department’s Spokesperson, responded to a reporter who asked about the Gross case, by saying:

But again, just to remind that this is a guy who’s been incarcerated for no reason for three years and ought to come home. Alan Gross was given a 15-year prison term simply for the supposed crime of helping the Jewish community of Cuba communicate with the outside world.

Old tropes die hard, especially when the U.S. government decides we can’t handle the truth.  This failure to concede why Mr. Gross was arrested and convicted not only contributes to the lack of movement in his case, but is especially alarming now that we know the Obama administration is doubling down on the program that led to his arrest.

As Tracey Eaton reports in Along the Malecón, the U.S. government “The U.S. government has hired a former CIA agent,” named Daniel Gabriel, “to create and manage a team of at least 10 journalists in Cuba.”  Gabriel’s Linked In profile concludes with this heartfelt endorsement:

“Dan is one of those dream clients you get once in a blue moon: totally risk tolerant, possessed of a voracious appetite for learning, and the drive to turn pontification into action.”

We could not think of a clearer case for why these programs need to end.

Sept.5th for the Cuban 5, Rev. Joan Brown Campbell sends a message to Obama‏

September 5th for the Cuban 5, Rev. Joan Brown Campbell Joins the International Campaign and Sends a Message to Obama

September 12th will mark the 14th anniversary of the unfair imprisonment of the 5 Cuban Patriots. On the 5th of this month, joining thousands of people from all over the world, Rev. Joan Brown Campbell is sending a letter to President Obama asking him to release the Cuban 5.

Photo: Katrien Demuynck, taken during a meeting of religious leaders in April during the events “5 Days for the Cuban 5 in Washingto DC”.

Dr. Campbell was the first woman to be Associate Executive Director of the Greater Cleveland Council of Churches; the first woman to be Executive Director of the U.S. office of the World Council of Churches; the first ordained woman to be General Secretary of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA; and today, she is the first woman Director of Religion at the historic Chautauqua Institution. Dr. Campbell is truly a “first woman.” In every job she has held, she was the first woman to carry that responsibility.

As General Secretary of the National Council of Churches of Christ, Dr. Campbell played a crucial role in the fight for the return of 6 year old Elian Gonzalez to Cuba in 2000.


September 5, 2012

Dear President Obama,

Today I joined with thousands of people from all over the world to ask you for a humanitarian gesture to allow 5 Cuban men, four of them in US prisons and one under supervised probation to return home to their loved ones.

In December of last year a delegation led by the Reverend Dr. Michael Kinnamon, Former General Secretary of the US National Council of Churches of Christ visited Cuba. They held a number of important meetings including one with the Council of Churches of Cuba. In these meetings they shared days of pray and reflection. They then issued a joint statement in which they committed to work towards the normalization of the relations between the US and Cuba. The relationship between the U.S. National Council of Churches and the Cuban Council is 70+ years old and predates the revolution.

The statement of the churches indicates that to obtain that desired and necessary objective, a number of humanitarian questions must be solved, “that are cause of the lack of unjustifiable understanding and an unnecessary human suffering”. The greatest obstacle mentioned in their declaration was the US blockade against Cuba. Voting on the lifting of the blockade has been brought up in 20 occasions at the General Assembly of United Nations.

Another obstacles mentioned in the joint statement is the imprisonment in the United States of “Five Cubans”, from a trial full of irregularities, whose sentences “have been declared unjust by numerous human right organizations, including Amnesty International and even the United Nations”.

Members of the delegation met with the mothers and spouses of the Cuban 5 as a show of support for the freedom of their children and spouses.

The Cuban 5, as they are internationally known, were no threat to US national security. Gerardo Hernandez, Ramon Labañino, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando González and René González sacrificed their lives to monitor terrorist groups based in Miami. They came to this country to alert and protect Cuban and North American people from criminal actions that have cost the life of thousands of Cubans and foreign citizens like Fabio Di Celmo, a young Italian who died in 1997 product of a bombing in a Havana hotel.

The Cuban government asked the U.S. government to put an end to the impunity of violent organizations that seriously threaten both countries. In June 1998 a delegation of high-level FBI went to Havana due to the magnitude of the complaint. Cuban officials gave the FBI all the information they had on these criminal groups to cease their actions. Incredibly, three months later the FBI arrested the messengers of this critical information, the Cuban 5.

This month of September will mark the 14 anniversary of the arrest of these five men; and so far no terrorist has been convicted, while the Cuban 5 still remain imprisoned.

On October 7 of last year, Rene Gonzalez, one of the Cuban 5, served his sentence of 15 years and was released, but the U.S. government prevented him from returning to Cuba to be reunited with his loved ones. René is being forced to stay for three years of probation in South Florida where his life is in constant danger. As an additional punishment, the U.S. government refuses to grant a visa to his wife Olga Salanueva to visit him in the U.S.

President Obama, I have visited Cuba over 30 times, I have met the families of the Cuban 5 and I share their suffering. It is time to free the Cuban 5 as a sign of our humanity. This same concern is felt by the entire Cuban people, leaders of all religions, lawyers, intellectuals, artists, 10 Nobel Prize recipients, parliaments, governments, Christians and Catholics in Latin America and thousands around the world.

More than a decade ago, when I was the General Secretary of the National Council of Churches of Christ in the United States, I had the opportunity to get involved in the return of Elian Gonzalez to Cuba. He was a young child, a victim of the contentious relations between the United States and Cuba. During that time I was able to meet his grandmothers and his father and I experienced the pain of a Cuban family.

I feel there is a similarity between both cases, although Elian was child separated from his family, the Cuban 5 have spent 14 years without watching their children grow, and be with their parents as they grow older. Some of them have lost family members during these long years of incarceration. Furthermore, as Elian Gonzalez, the Cuban 5 are at the center of U.S./Cuba relations.

President Obama, the people of the United States and Cuba wish to live in peace, harmony and brotherhood. There is no reason for our country to continue such an inhumane policy towards the island nation. Releasing the Cuban 5 undoubtedly will help in the restoration of relations between both countries.

Rev. Dr. Joan Brown Campbell




By phone: 202-456-1111  (If nobody answers the phone leave a message)

If calling from outside the United States, dial first the International Area Code
+ 1 (US country code) followed by 202-456-1111

By Fax: 202-456-2461

If fax is sent from outside the United States, dial first the International Area
Code + 1 (US country code) followed by 202-456-2461

To send an e-mail: president@whitehouse.gov

To send a letter
President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20500
United States

To send an electronic message write to:

Cindy Sheehan Sends a Message to Obama

Originally posted by International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban 5

This August Cindy Sheehan joins the international campaign of the 5th of each month for the Cuban 5 and is sending the following letter to President Obama

Cindy Sheehan is an American anti-war activist whose son, U.S. Army Specialist Casey Sheehan, was killed during the Iraq War in 2004. From that time on Cindy became a leading voice against the US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. She attracted national and international media attention in August 2005 for setting up Camp Casey right outside President George W. Bush’s Texas ranch.

After meeting family members of the Cuban 5 in 2006 Cindy started a special relationship with the mothers of the Five based on her sense of justice and her understanding of the suffering that only a mother separated from a son knows.


August 5, 2012

Dear President Obama,

Though I have little faith you will actually read this letter, my passion for this cause gives me optimism that you might take a moment to hear me.

I am writing to you about the case of the “Cuban 5.” The Cuban Five are five Cuban anti-terrorist agents from Cuba, who came to the United States to monitor the activities of real terrorists-Cuban expatriates living here who planned violent counter-revolutionary acts in Cuba and have been responsible for the deaths of thousands of Cubans over the years.

As you probably know, my son, Casey Austin Sheehan, was killed in Iraq on April 04, 2004. He was lied to by his government and military leadership that told him he was occupying another’s land to “fight terrorism.” So many injustices have been committed in this so-called Global War on Terror, but these Five Cuban heroes have been in US jails and prisons for fourteen years and their only real crime was not registering as foreign agents-a mild crime that usually carries a mild sentence of expulsion or short prison terms.

However, to obfuscate the USA’s training of and harboring of real terrorists, such as Orlando Bosch and Luis Posada Carriles, the injustice system of this country has convicted these five Cubans in a travesty of justice and the penalties were inhumane.

I have read numerous other letters to you from colleagues who have also pled with you to Free the Five based on the fact that they are sons, husbands, and fathers who need to return to their homeland and be with their families. Since you are already well aware of the deaths of sons, fathers, husbands, wives, mothers, and daughters due to the expansion of the Bush wars, and starting a few of your own, I am rather certain that approach will not work.

I know and care about the families of the Five-Gerardo Hernández, Ramón Labañino, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando González and René González-they are optimistic and wonderful human beings. I have had the fortune of getting to know them over the years during my travels to Cuba and around the world. I am not appealing to you based on compassion as that would be a useless waste of my time and yours-the US imprisons more people per capita than any other nation in the world. Nor am I appealing to you based on the fact that you were a Constitutional Scholar and lawyer, primarily because what happened to the Five was an obscenity of the law, as was the signing of the NDAA into law, drone bombing in countries without a declaration of war, and assassinating US citizens without the due process guaranteed by the Constitution-all clearly in violation of the Constitution and also obscene.

However, I am appealing to you to “Free the Five” based on the fact that you have said, and shown the world, that the USA can “act pre-emptively” to protect our “safety,” and I would like to believe that you would extend the Cuban people and government the same right to protect its citizens from acts of terrorism.

Your regime has vigorously violated the sovereignty of several countries in the purported quest to “keep America safe.” The Cuban government and the Five Heroes did far less.

As a United States citizen, I do not make appeals of the people who work for me, however, I demand that my government allow the Four still imprisoned people listed above, as well as René González, who is out but on probation in Miami (which is the worst place for him to be because of the counter-revolutionary Cuban terrorists who live there) to return home. They have been punished enough for a relatively small crime.

President Obama, you have also made a statement that “Cuba needs to change its society” before you will consider normalizing relations. The blockade is an anachronism from the Cold War that can be lifted to the benefit of both nations- then you can go visit and see how wrong you’ve been.

Cindy Sheehan



By phone: 202-456-1111 (If nobody answers the phone leave a message)

If calling from outside the United States, dial first the International Area Code
+ 1 (US country code) followed by 202-456-1111

By Fax: 202-456-2461

If fax is sent from outside the United States, dial first the International Area
Code + 1 (US country code) followed by 202-456-2461

To send an e-mail: president@whitehouse.gov

To send a letter
President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20500

To send an electronic message write to:

Cindy Sheehan Sends a Message to Obama

Actor Mike Farrell Sends a Message to President Obama

Originally posted by International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban 5

This July 5, the actor, director, producer, and screenwriter Mike Farrell, joins the international campaign of the 5th of each month for 5 Cubans and today sent by postal mail to President Obama the following letter:

July 5, 2012

Dear President Obama,

Though I fear your staff protects you from letters such as this, I write in the hope that one of our voices leaks through. I am one of thousands of people around the world who ask that you make a humanitarian gesture that is also a meaningful step to reduce international tensions: grant Executive Clemency and cause the release of the Cuban 5, who have been wrongly held in our prisons for nearly 14 years.

Together with a number of colleagues in the arts who speak as Actors and Artists United for the Freedom of the Cuban 5, I ask for the release of these five men: Gerardo Hernández Nordelo, Ramón Labañino Salazar, Rene González Sehwerert, Antonio Guerrero Rodríguez and Fernando González Llort.

Release them because they are sons, husbands, brothers, poets, pilots, college graduates and artists who have committed no crime against the United States.

Release them because they came to this country unarmed and never posed a threat of any kind to US National Security.

Release them because they came here only to monitor the activities of violent Cuban exiles who, operating from bases in Miami of which our government is well aware, were planning violent actions against innocent people in Cuba.

Release them because they were trying to prevent more brutal acts against their country and save innocent lives.

As you’re aware, Mr. President, yesterday was our Independence Day, a day many politicians use to celebrate our nation’s laws, its history, and its people. For many of these same politicians, supporting the so-called “war on terror” is used as a way to demonstrate their patriotism.

That being so, it is an act of profound hypocrisy for our government to continue the incarceration of these heroic men who put themselves at risk to stop the very terrorism we claim to find so abhorrent.

Therefore, I respectfully ask that you to reverse this mockery of justice and use the power conferred on you by our Constitution to do the right thing and allow the Cuban 5 to return home to their loved ones.


Mike Farrell


Mike Farrell is a member of U.S. Actors and Artists United for the Freedom of the Cuban 5




By phone: 202-456-1111

If calling from outside the United States, dial first the International Area Code
+ 1 (US country code) followed by 202-456-1111

By Fax: 202-456-2461

If fax is sent from outside the United States, dial first the International Area
Code + 1 (US country code) followed by 202-456-2461

To send a telegram

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20500

July 5 for the Cuban 5, Actor Mike Farrell Sends a Message to President Obama

Supporters of the Cuban 5 join forces in Washington DC

Comité Internacional por la Libertad de los 5 Cubanos

Photo: Bill Hackwell

People from the U.S., Canada and Europe are calling on President Obama to listen to the international community and release the Cuban 5 immediately, during the 5 days for the Cuban 5 in Washington DC.  The actions initiated by the International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban 5 have been endorsed by 272 U.S. and International organizations, and more than 2000 individuals.

During the first and second day, 25 international and U.S. supporters visited 12 of the 100 Senators and 14 members of congress’ offices to discuss the issue of the Cuban 5.  The lobbying effort over the past two days marks the first time that the case of the Cuban 5 has been taken to Capitol Hill. The high number of responses to the request for appointments was seen by the supporters as a positive sign.

Louis Wolf, from Washington DC said “Lobbying Congress about the Cuban Five or any Cuba-related issue is definitely a challenge. But when a senior foreign policy aide to a Senator told us yesterday ‘U.S. policy toward Cuba is stuck in the Middle Ages’, we knew our work is not done in a total vacuum.”

Katrien Demuynck, the European coordinator of the campaign, brought with her a letter signed by two Belgium senators and five members of the chamber asking their U.S. colleagues to intervene with President Obama to resolve the issue of the Five. “I was happily surprised with the response to the letter. We should look for the same kind of initiatives from Parliaments of other European countries,” said Demuynck.  At the end of both days, the supporters felt energized and ready to continue the world-wide campaign for the release of the Cuban 5.

Other activities of the second day included a presentation by Stephen Kimber, a Canadian journalist and author of a soon to be released book What Lies Across the Waters, and comments by Arturo Lopez-Levy, Cuban American professor at Denver University.  The event was hosted by Wayne Smith, former chief of the U.S. Interests Section in Havana.  Kimber surprised the audience with a number of new facts about the case. People left with a better understanding of the injustice committed against the Cuban 5.

During the evening the film Will the Real Terrorist Please Stand Up was shown at the Nyumburu Cultural Center at the University of Maryland.  During an event on the same university campus, Angela Davis, political activist, scholar and author, encouraged people to participate in the next days of activities in support of the Cuban Five.

Read in Spanish

Solidarios con los 5 Cubanos unen fuerzas en Washington DC

Comité Internacional por la Libertad de los 5 Cubanos

Photo: Bill Hackwell

Durante 5 días en Washington DC, personas de los Estados Unidos, Canadá y Europa piden al Presidente Obama que escuche la demanda de  la comunidad internacional y libere inmediatamente a los 5 Cubanos.  Las acciones iniciadas por el Comité Internacional por la Libertad de los 5 Cubanos han sido respaldadas por 272 organizaciones  y más de  2000 personas de todo el mundo.

Durante el primer y segundo día, 25 amigos de esta causa visitaron las oficinas de 12 de los 100 senadores y 14 congresistas, llevando el tema de los Cinco.  El esfuerzo de cabildeo de los dos días, marca la primera vez que este caso ha sido llevado al Capitolio. El elevado número de respuestas a la solicitud de citas es un signo muy positivo para los que luchan por la causa de los Cinco.

Louis Wolf, de Washington DC dijo que “Realizar cabildeo en el congreso sobre los 5 Cubanos y cualquier otra cuestión relacionada con Cuba es definitivamente un desafío. Un asesor con mucha experiencia trabajando para un senador nos dijo ayer ‘La política de EEUU hacia Cuba está estancada en la Edad Media’ nos damos cuenta que hay muchas personas en el Capitolio que no están de acuerdo con la actual política de EEUU hacia Cuba”.

Katrien Demuynck,  coordinadora europea de la campaña por la libertad de los Cinco, es portadora de una carta firmada por dos senadores de Bélgica y cinco miembros de la Cámara pidiendo a sus colegas de U.S. intervenir para que el Presidente Obama resuelva el caso de los Cinco. “Me sentí felizmente sorprendida con la respuesta a la carta. Debemos buscar el mismo tipo de iniciativas de los parlamentos de otros países europeos” dijo  Demuynck.  Al final de dos días, el entusiasmo crece para continuar la campaña mundial por la liberación de los 5 Cubanos.

Por la tarde se realizó la presentación  del periodista canadiense Sephen Kimber,  autor de un nuevo libro sobre los Cinco Lo que se encuentra a traves del Agua, que será  publicado próximamente.  Arturo López-Levy, cubano-americano, profesor de la Universidad de Denver, realizó comentarios sobre el caso.  El evento fue organizado por Wayne Smith, ex jefe de la Sección de Intereses de Estados Unidos en Cuba durante el mandato de Carter.  Kimber sorprendió al público con una serie de hechos nuevos sobre el caso. Los asistentes lograron una mejor comprensión sobre la injusticia cometida contra los 5 Cubanos.

Por la noche, el documental Que por favor se ponga de Pie el Verdadero Terroristafue exhibida en el Centro Cultural de Nyumburu de la Universidad de Maryland.  Durante un evento en otra sala de la misma universidad,

Ángela Davis,activista política, escritora y académica, alentó a las personas a participar en los próximos días de actividades a favor de los Cinco.

Cuba: la ganadora silenciosa de la Cumbre de las Américas

16 Abril 2012

No se alcanzaron acuerdos trascendentes, reinaron las divisiones entre latinoamericanos y estadounidenses y hasta algunos presidentes se fueron dando un portazo, pero quedó una silenciosa ganadora de la Cumbre de las Américas: Cuba.

Por primera vez en la historia, presidentes izquierdistas y conservadores de la región limaron sus asperezas y se plantaron frente a Estados Unidos exigiendo que el Gobierno  de la isla sea sumado a las reuniones continentales.

Aunque el reclamo fue vetado por Estados Unidos con apoyo de su vecino Canadá, renovó las presiones sobre Washington y sobre la patrocinadora de la cumbre en Cartagena, la Organización de Estados Americanos (OEA).

“(Pasamos) del llamado consenso de Washington, el proyecto neoliberal que se nos quiso imponer, a un naciente consenso sin Washington para la unión de América Latina”, dijo el domingo Nicolás Maduro, canciller de Venezuela, país que es el principal aliado de Cuba en el hemisferio.

La sorpresiva unidad de Latinoamérica -una región dividida durante décadas entre ideologías de izquierda y de derecha- muestra la menguante influencia de Washington.

Estados Unidos se opone a incorporar a Cuba en las Cumbres de las Américas porque asegura que La Habana no muestra avances democráticos y políticos suficientes para reintegrarse a la OEA, de donde fue expulsada en 1962 poco después de que estallara la revolución de Fidel Castro.

Y mantiene un embargo comercial sobre la isla de cinco décadas que algunos dicen que es arcaico.

“Cuba seguramente volverá a tener protagonismo en otro tipo de convocatorias que se van a abrir, mientras que Estados Unidos pasará a sufrir el aislamiento y el señalamiento que ha vivido Cuba”, dijo el analista en asuntos internacionales Vicente Torrijos, de la Universidad El Rosario de Bogotá.

Para una parte de Latinoamérica, la OEA es un sistema de diplomacia dominado por Washington que no ha logrado mantenerse al ritmo de los cambios en la región.

“Me asombró hoy escuchar el discurso de José Miguel Insulza en Cartagena. Pensaba que quien hablaba en nombre de la OEA, se ocuparía al menos de reclamar el respeto a la soberanía de los países de este hemisferio que a lo largo de siglos fueron colonizados”, dijo el ex presidente cubano Fidel Castro, en un comentario publicado en Cuba Debate el domingo por la noche.

“La Cumbre de Cartagena tiene escenas que no serán fáciles de olvidar”, sostuvo.


Las críticas contra la OEA llegaron al punto en que 33 países del continente, con la intencional ausencia de Estados Unidos y Canadá, crearon en Caracas a fines del año pasado la Comunidad de Estados Latinoamericanos y Caribeños (CELAC).

Aunque la idea del presidente venezolano Hugo Chávez de reemplazar a la OEA con el nuevo organismo es bastante ambiciosa, al menos la CELAC le restará algo de influencia a la organización con sede en Washington.

“Parece que Estados Unidos todavía quiere aislarnos del mundo, piensa que va a seguir manipulando a Latinoamérica, (pero) eso va terminando”, dijo el presidente boliviano, Evo Morales, en una entrevista con la cadena de televisión Telesur.

“Yo siento que es una rebelión de países de América Latina frente a Estados Unidos”, agregó.

Hasta hace dos décadas, Washington lideraba el continente y la mayoría de las economías latinoamericanas estaban alineadas a las políticas de su mayor socio comercial.

Pero la indiferencia de Estados Unidos en los últimos años, combinado con una mayor solidez de las economías de la región y el creciente peso comercial de China -ya es el principal socio comercial de Brasil y de otros
vecinos- instalaron el sentimiento de que Washington ya no es indispensable.

“Hay un mundo que se nos abre a la región muy interesante, con muchas posibilidades y que por lo tanto hoy nuestro destino no está atado de ninguna forma a una decisión norteamericana”, dijo en una reciente entrevista con Reuters Diego Guelar, ex embajador argentino en Washington.

“Nosotros fuimos el patio trasero, hoy la realidad no es así”, agregó.

Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua y Venezuela resolvieron no participar en las próximas Cumbres de las Américas en las que Cuba no sea invitada.

“Al final de cuentas no es ningún favor que se le estaría haciendo a Cuba, sino un derecho arrebatado que se le estaría reconociendo a Cuba”, sostuvo el presidente de Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, que estuvo ausente en Cartagena en apoyo a la isla.

Cuba: la ganadora silenciosa de la Cumbre de las Américas

(Con información de Reuters)