Israel’s latest attack on Gaza
• Zionism once again initiates a genocidal campaign against Palestinians in its mission to maintain their subjugation



Havana, July 22, 2014

It is no accident that Tel Aviv, given the traditional silence of Washington and its remaining allies, and the notorious inaction of a good part of the Middle Eastern community, has recently initiated a military assault on Gaza and the defenseless Palestinian population.
Women, children and the elderly are the main victims of the latest Israeli genocide against Gaza. Photo: Mahmud Hams/ AFP.
Thus, Israel is once again attempting to reinforce its repression using the contrived excuse of the assassination of three young Jewish boys – living in one of the illegal Zionist colonies in the occupied West Bank – by Arab combatants, when various sources have assured that the victims were last seen with Israeli security officials

Nonetheless, the xenophobic response was applauded, and while Israeli planes mercilessly bombed populated zones in Gaza and Tel Aviv executed warlike maneuvers on the border, a group of extremists burnt a young Palestinian teenager alive, as one of the murders admitted during a police interrogation.

As expected, the official Zionist excuses favoring Arab genocide were repeated in the same words. For example, the need to repress “the terrorists which sow death and insecurity among Jews,” and therefore, apply the maxim of taking war to the homes of “aggressive” Palestinian “extremists.”
This, in the midst of the unstable situation in the Middle East, which continues to worsen, in the face of the jihadi offensive against Iraq, Israel’s support for the dismemberment of the country through its influence on the Kurdish authorities and its advisement of the extremist ISIS operating in Iraq, and well known complicity with the so called “rebels” attacking Syria, among other actions to prevent the creation of a jointly led, united Arab front, able to stop the Zionist regime’s abuse.
Despite everything being repeated today in regards to Israeli aggression – which has historic roots – the latest motive has been the recent decision by the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) and resistance movement Hamas, to establish a united, collaborative government.
As is well known, until recently the PNA governed the West Bank, while Hamas controlled Gaza, with different forms of management and points of view which only encouraged division.
The agreement between the two organizations has been a blow to Tel Aviv’s strategy of keeping the enemy permanently divided. Thus Palestinian unity deserves “exemplary punishment” through the use of the violent war machine and by sowing fear in Gaza. Consequently, the re-initiation of Israel’s massive military attacks against its neighbors was an expected tactical reaction, in the context of the longstanding Zionist strategy to overcome its victim’s resistance.
In this scenario, it is worth pointing out the tepid lack of energy which persists among regional Arab organizations, where right wing and autocratic governments continue to impose a formal line of opposition to Israel, limited to repeated diplomatic statements which speak of reason, defense and agreement to talks.
Add to this the justifications and complicity of the United States and the rest of the West, which glorify “Tel Aviv’s right to self defense,” in an allegedly hostile geopolitical context, the arrogance of people such as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – who in addition to other comments has openly said that the war against Gaza will continue its course, despite international criticism of the despicable ongoing situation – is therefore understandable. (Cubahora)


Israel’s latest attack on Gaza
• Zionism once again initiates a genocidal campaign against Palestinians in its mission to maintain their subjugation